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9D8N Japan Trip:Yufuin-no-Mori, a must-go in Kyushu

Highlights of our day 3 - the scenic train Yufuin-no-Mori in closer look.

Anyone read our Day 3 itinerary in Kyushu? The highlights of our day – the scenic train Yufuin-no-Mori in closer look!

what so special?

1. The Classic Look

Yufu-no-Mori is so classy.
It looks like making of porcelain.
Anyone knows about Le Creuset? It pretty much looks like that texture with the vintage green colour.

The Big always wish to take the train crossing the fields and mountains besides the rail. Though it is impossible so I grab a photo from the official site.

2. The Interior Design

Other than the vintage appearance of Yufu-no-Mori,
the interior of the train is designed delicately too.
The train was themed by ‘forest’,
with the olive green velvet seat cover and the wooden tiles,
you may find a pleasant 2-hour journey across the picturesque scenery.

A visit to the lounge is a must on Yufu-no-Mori.
The whole cabin was wooden and classic.

We would not realize the delicate workmanship on the design of the passenger cabin until we do a research for Yufu-no-Mori.

The height of the seat was slightly raised deliberate to let passengers look out the windows for the natural scenery, and therefore double-decker carriages of the Yufuin-no- Mori are linked by connecting bridges.

One of the best things I like about Yufuin-no-Mori is that the duration of the train journey is just right. It lasts around 2 hours. Raise your hand if you have been to Europe to take those scenic trains! The Big (Lui) is absolutely a sleeper on every types of transportation. If the duration of Yufuin-no-Mori is too long, she would definitely fall asleep. So, Mori is really a tailor-made excursions for her to give her a right amount stimulation and fits her attention span.


3. Along the Trip

Sorry for not taking the scenic view properly. Let’s peep through from my portrait lol

As said, the journey takes around 2 hours providing passengers sufficient time to admire the fields, gardens and mountains. Along the journey, you will see the Minou Mountains when traveling between Kurume and Hita.

After the train Amagase station, you will see the Jion-no-taki Falls.

From Hakata station to Yufuin station,
you will pass by few stops, including Amagase.
The stations all look cute.
Be aware that the stopping time is very limited,
so it is not recommended to leave the train.

4. Food


There are 2 types of bento-box are served on the train.
1. The rectangle “Yufuin no Mori Bento” (1100yen)
2. The circular “Yufuin Wappa ゆふいんわっぱ” (720yen)

The more expensive Bento – Yufuin no Mori Bento was sold out when we arrived. Anyway, our target is the circular ゆふいんわっぱ. The staff told us that this bento is especially popular among girls as they look cute on Instagram haha!

Not only good outside, it is even better inside. The lunch box contains 4 rice balls, with 2 riceball flavoured with shiso (perilla), 1 with pickled takana and 1 with Mentai (pollock roe). Our favourite is pickled takana. They are so crunchy and refreshing.

We also tried the Matcha icecream from Kiriya, the Japanese tea specialty shop in Yufuin. The flavor is rich and creamy. (400 yen)


5. On Board Service

You can enjoy the exclusive Japanese style service in Yufuin-No-Mori. Japan is famous for its etiquette which can taste in their service. The staff would welcome and say goodbye to you on and off the board.

The staff would even take a photo for each passengers with a props stated the date of boarding.


Tips for Booking Yufuin No Mori

Don’t make the same mistake as us!

Time to talk about our biggest mistake in this 9D8N trip – we didn’t plan well for booking Yufuin no Mori in advance.

You can see from the timetable on the right, there are only 3 trains from Hakata to Yufuin by Yufuin no Mori: 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

We purchased JR Pass for Kyushu before our trip which Yufuin no Mori is included in the Pass. The seat reservation was opened 3 days before departure. As we arrived Japan in the evening on Day 1, though we rushed to reserve the Mori seat, the seats for the morning trains were all taken. The afternoon train has a shortcoming: the view will be more gloomy compared to the morning especially in winter.

Conclusion: If you want to take the morning train, go to reserve 3 days before and in the morning once the ticket office is opened!

The destination: Yufuin!

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