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9D8N Japan Trip:[Food] Top 3 Must-try Food in Fukuoka

We didn’t spend much time on Fukuoka. Therefore, we picked the very best Japanese food among so many variety options.

We didn’t spend much time on Fukuoka. Therefore, we picked the very best Japanese food among so many variety options.

  • たんや Tanya – Beef Tongue Set Brunch
  • 元祖博多明太重 Ganso Hakata Mentaiju
  • il FORNO del MIGNON

1. たんや Tanya Beef Tongue

With reasonable price and mouth-watering beef tongue brunch set, たんや Tanya becomes a popular restaurant in Hakata. The queue never disappears but no worries! There is lots of seats so you just need to wait 10-15 minutes despite a ling queue ahead.

Carbs-addict Big is very satisfied with eating beef and rice in the morning. Even better, you can refill rice for free. The price is very reasonable (each set cost 500 yen). We added a cow tongue and it cost around 260 yen. With the extra beef and free rice to refill, that’s the amount of a whole set. The rice is also super delicious. Japanese pearl rice mixed with a bit oatmeal tastes scrumptious.

Its beef tongue is thin and refreshing. It is the texture I like, and the seasoning is moderate. The rice will not be too strong to overwhelm the taste of the beef tongue.
There are four slices of grilled beef tongue in a morning meal, and a squeeze of lemon will make the dish completely different taste.

The side dish are not just ordinary vegetables. After pickling, they are crispy, slightly acidic and greasy. Even the soup is appetising

Store Information:
Located at: Hakata 1st Street in Hakata Station
Address: 1-1 Hakataekichuogai, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka, 812-0012 Japan
Opening hours: 07:00-22:00
Phone: +81 92-415-1114

2. Ganso Hakata Mentaiju (元祖博多めんたい重)

Go out slowly from Tenjin Station and soon you will arrive at this restaurant. Although it’s only around 5 o’clock, don’t worry about the timing, because Mentaju is one of the few Japanese restaurants that has no rest hours. There are a lot of customers in normal hours. Eating at Five o’clock just avoids crowd, if you don’t mind eating early, I definitely recommend coming over at this time.

From official website of Mentaiju | 元祖博多めんたい重 [公式サイト]

The facade is very Japanese-style, and the wooden boards contains the signature of celebrities after they ate here showing its popularity. When you enter the store, choose the spiciness of the mentaiko and put your choice card on the corresponding wooden plate.

Hakata Mentajo’s iconic dish is its famous Mentaiko cuisine, among which the most popular are Mentaiko Tsukemen and Mentaiko Rice Bowl. We ordered a dipping noodle set and a rice noodle set. This portion is just about right for two people.

Our first dish, Mentaiko dipping noodles, a friendly reminder is that mentaiko is a heavy-tasting food. The soup of tsukemen noodles is also famous for its rich and salty taste. With the spicy flavor, you definitely need to get a few glasses of water after eating.

Mentai heavy noodles are thicker and therefore very chewy. There is a risk in using thick noodles. If the soup sauce is not strong enough to stick to the noodles, the noodles will become bland, but Mentaichi does not have this problem at all. The thick flavour soup is floating together with Mentaiko, soaked in Mentaiko sauce, and it is mouth-watering.

As for the rice bowl, the original mentaiko is wrapped under kelp, cut into sections and placed on the seaweed, sprinkled with chopped green onion, sesame and chili, and finally topped with a special sauce, which allows us to fully eat the spicy, fresh and salty mentaiko. However, due to the strong flavor, one serving will be too greasy for one person. Must eat separately!

Store Information:
Address: 6-15 Nishi Nakasu, Chuo District, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Transportation: 5-minute walk from Exit 16 of Tenjin Station on the Subway
Phone: 092-725-7220
Time: 7:00~22:30
Holidays: Open all year round


3. il FORNO del MIGNON

Sorry, the photo was really ugly, we know 🙁 We were so hungry that we ate several of them as soon as we bought them, leaving only three for breakfast the next day.

Regardless of the time, as long as you pass the Hakata station hall, you will see many people queuing up outside the bakery. With the strong aroma of butter, I think it is really worth recommending after a try.

Although the queue is very long, it actually took us 5 minutes to line up. Everyone bought 10 and 20 bread. We only bought only 8 mini ones that were finished by us quickly. This croissants are weighed for payment. You are welcome to choose as many as you like. The clerk will help you separate and pack different flavors. We ordered the original flavor, kung keli and sweet potato flavor.

There are two reasons for us not taking pictures. One is that we only treat it as food to satisfy our hunger at that moment, and we didn’t expect it to be so delicious that we would recommend it. The second is that it’s really finger-licking good. Even if we ate one and thought it was worth recommending, we still couldn’t help but take one bite after another. There was no idea of ​​stopping to take pictures.

Original Flavor

The surface is coated with syrup and baked so that it is crispy, and there is no filling, so you can taste the aroma of butter – dense and good taste.


The Big didn’t like this very much. Although there are a lot of fillings, the consistency of the chocolate can be strengthened.

Sweet Potato

Both The Bread and The Big love this very much. We thought it was purple sweet potato, but it was actually ordinary yellow sweet potato, but the filling was smooth and thick, and the natural sweetness is good mix with the aroma of butter.

Store Information:
Address: 〒812-0012 Fukuoka, Hakata Ward, Hakataekichuogai, 1−1
Opening hours: 07:00 – 23:00
Tel: +81 92-412-3364

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