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Hong Kong Food Diaries:Tokyolima, the Fancy Nikkei Cuisine

We have never thought that Japanese and Peruvian cuisine will be a good match. The ‘Feed Me Chef’ menu is presented in Omakase style which you can try their signature appetisers, small plates and mains in a single meal.

We have never thought that Japanese and Peruvian cuisine will be a good match. The ‘Feed Me Chef’ menu is presented in Omakase style which you can try their signature appetisers, small plates and mains in a single meal.

About the Restaurant

Under the Pirata Group, Tokyolima is the second Pirata restaurant we have tried after Pici. Tokyolima has great vibe and making it a good place for late night chilling with superb food.

Tokyolima specialises in Nikkei cuisine, a cuisine featuring the use of Japanese and Peruvian ingredients since 19th century when Japanese migrants arrived Peru. Rare in Hong Kong so this was the first time we tried Nikkei cuisine.

What did we order?

As we mentioned, we ordered ‘Feed Me Chef’ menu instead of A La Carte which the chef would prepare food for you according to fresh ingredients of the day including cold dishes, appetizers, mains etc, kind of similar to Omakase. They ensure you with a fulfilled stomach when leaving. Do not hesitate to tell the staff for extra courses if you still have appetite for more dishes. The kimochi chicken and grilled cod were the extra dishes the chef prepared to ‘feed’ us full.

The food was served with few rounds with different categories. For simpler introduction, we categorized them according to the a la carte menu.

Small Plates

La Causa

Beetroot causa / prawn tartar / rooto mayo / prawn tempura / charred avocado

The staff recommend us to mash and blend everything before eating. It was hard to identify all the ingredients under the dim lighting in the restaurant, but anyways, this is a nice dish. The beetroot was not unpleasantly muddy but sweet and fresh. The shrimp tempura is crunchy and fresh but a bit cooled down when served. and the pickles are moderately seasoned.

Pan con Chicharron

Slow cooked pork belly bun / pickled onion / deep-fried sweet potato / coriander oninichurri / aji amarillo sauce

3 little burgers in a dish is a bit too fulfilling. The bun was dry and the pork belly was also too tough. I expected a more greasy and tender texture.

Kimochi Chicken

Chicken thighs / rocoto mayo

As mentioned, this was an extra dish after request. We love the beautiful golden batter giving the chicken thighs a nice and crunchy coating, then seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper. The chicken thighs were extremely tender and pairing with rocoto pepper sauce and a touch of citrus was definitely refreshing.

Raw & Seared

Ceviche PH

Hamachi / prawn / cancha / kiuri / shoyu tiger’s milk

First trial of tiger’s milk, a Peruvian citrus-based spicy marinade sauce. The himachi was marinated with a prominent sour taste. It was stronger than our expectation but very nice for balancing the greasiness of other dishes. The Himachi was fresh topped with deep-fried corn.

Tuna & Watermelon Tartare

Raw tuna / fresh watermelon / soy citrus / sweet potato chips / avocado

A dish that we would definitely order again if we revisit Tokyolima. Lui hates the texture of most sashimi but she was surprised by the freshness of the raw tuna along with the silky avocado. The watermelon gives a note of refreshment and heightened by the citrus-based soy sauce.


Maguro Nuevo

Tuna / avocado / sesame / beetroot mayo / tobiko

Sushi roll with tuna and avocado usually does not go wrong but we were a bit disappointed with the nearly collapsed sushi rolls.


Secreto of Tokyolima

Slow cook secreto Iberico pork / sweet soy sauce / garlic chips

Not a think one but the pork chop was pleasantly tender and succulent. The garlicky sauce was blended with sweet Japanese soy sauce offering a delicate asian twist of ordinary pork chop dish.

Grilled Cod

Grilled cod / aji-amariollo-mint sauce / grilled vegetables

Another dish served upon extra request yet this was not impressive at all. The cod was grilled perfectly with a golden crispy fish skin. However, the seasoning was light and flavourless.

Tacu Tacu

Stir-fried snow beans / onion / red and yellow peppers/ chimichrri

Peruvian fried rice did not hit our heart as the texture of rice was kinda gritty but we do appreciate the Peruvian flavouring and spices. Chimichurri is a signature sauce made of finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano and red wine vinegar.

Beef Tataki

Beef tenderloin / green mango salad / aji amarillo emulsion

Beef Tataki was made of rare beef cutlet and seared outside with a slight smoky aroma. The beef is tender and aromatic. Green mango salad was another great touch to add freshness to the dish. The aji amarillo emulsion may be a bit bruning to someone but we loved it!

Anticuchos & Sticks

Chicken Yakitori

Deep-fried potato / pickled onion / confit garlic

Tokyolima is sooo good at chicken dishes. The chicken yakitori was juicy and tender. The confit garlic was flavourful and appetising. Unexpectedly, the pickled onion was quite spicy.


Not a memorable dessert but it was okay. Fluffy and buttery cake was glazed with citrus syrup and topped with a slice of mandarin. The ice cream is toffee flavour.

Restaurant Information:
Tokyolima (中環)
G/F, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Openrice Link




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