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Hong Kong Foodie:[Afternoon Tea Set] Grand Hyatt Tiffin

Tiffin Afternoon tea sets are hard to book, at least one month in advance for weekends or holidays time slot. Fortunately it can be booked online, and there is no limited booking duration like Rosewood's Butterfly Room (only open on 1st of each month for next month's reservations).

Tiffin Afternoon tea sets are hard to book, at least one month in advance for weekends or holidays time slot. Fortunately it can be booked online, and there is no limited booking duration like Rosewood’s Butterfly Room (only open on 1st of each month for next month’s reservations).


Grand Hyatt is an old five-star hotel with elegant British style where Tiffin locates in the lobby. There are also musicians performing live music at the front door.



English muffins come in original and raisin flavor. I recalled that my dream muffin was the first scone I have ever tried at a restaurant in Landmark, Le Salon De Thé de Joël Robuchon. I wonder if the scone is still so delicious now?

The scone here is unflavourful, too dry, and strange in taste. I was not able to taste the flavour of rum and raisin while the jam and clotted cream are mediocre.



There are four desserts in total. Except the impressive mango mousse cake, none of the other cakes are five-star hotel quality

Yuzu- Pineapple Cheesecake

The grapefruit and pineapple cheesecake which looks like siu mai has strong flavour, with very mild taste of pineapple. The cake is slightly sweeter than we expected.

Blueberry and Violet Custard profiterole

The puff is covered with a layer of crisp which looks like a pineapple bun, but the crisp is neither crispy nor fragrant. Four blueberries was placed on top of a dollop of cream which looks quite nice for instragram photos.


Peach and Madagascar vanilla trifle with pistachios streusel

Topped with rasperry and pistachio crust, the sponge cake is filled with cream and jam. It is too sweet and not tasty.

Mango Passion Mousse Chocolate Crunch

This is one of the best desserts. The golden sphere is indeed mango passion fruit mousse. The mousse is sweet and smooth with passion fruit jam hidden inside, which is slightly sour but appetising. The chocolate crumble below is both crunchy and buttery with rich chocolate aroma.


We don’t have high expectation for savoury because we don’t like sandwiches, but we were pleasantly surprised when we got bored with a bunch of desserts.

Tiger Prawn charcoal sub, saffron mayonaise. chervil

This sandwich was presented on another small plate with a pretentiousness. It looked very cute. The tiger prawns were chewy, and the bread was soft.

Tomata terrine, olive, basil pesto, tomato crouton

The tomato toast is flavorful with rich and creamy tomato jelly on the top. We love the onion and basil aroma in the jelly. With black olives, it tastes like an Italian pizza.

Foie gras tartlet, raspberry

The tart is crunchy, the butter is moderately fragrant and the foie gras mousse inside is smooth and aromatic. The raspberry on top adds a slight freshness.

Smoked salmon sandwich, salmon mousse, cream cheese

This sandwich is unexpectedly good with creamy salmon fillings made with cream cheese and slices of smoked salmon. The slices of bread have great texture with multigrains giving a fuller body of texture. he dough is added with multigrains.

Tiffin club, probolone and cheddar cheese, mortadella, salami

The specially-made sandwich is a club sandwich. We love the beautiful layers with a few types of cold cuts, cheddar cheese and fresh veggies offering a great show to taste.


Homemade ice cream

The all-you-can-eat ice cream and unlimited desserts, including macarons, truffle chocolate, instant waffles, halberd, are definitely the highlights of the afternoon tea.

They offer a great selection of ice cream flavors. With more than 10 flavors, you will drench into the heaven of ice cream.

General flavors such as chocolate and caramel are rich and nice. There are also special flavors such as salted egg yolk and meat floss, mango sticky rice and passion fruit coriander. Make sure you don’t miss out the salted egg yolk floss flavor, surprisingly creamy made with mixture of salted egg yolk, pork floss and milk.

You should not miss the alcoholic choices such as watermelon Vodka sorbet and blackcurrant Champagne. They are fresh and mellow.

Buffet Dessert Station

The highly-rated waffles were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Do not forget to pair it with fresh fruits and caramel and Madagascar vanilla ice cream from the ice-bream bar

On the contrary, the crepe is mediocre. There are also all-you-can-eat truffle chocolates and macarons, which are of good quality. The chocolate is smooth and fragrant, and the macarons have various flavors. They shells are soft with a little crunch, followed by a indulgently smooth filling.


From the extensive selections of drinks, we ordered mocha and osmanthus oolong tea. They offer an awesome range of black tea, white tea and green tea. The beautiful latte art of our cup of mocha looks so instagram-able.

Although the desserts on the three-tier shelf are not too attractive to us, the self-service dessert bar and homemade ice cream are the two main highlights! The Savoury are also spectacular. The environment is elegant and beautiful, and it is a good place to meet and chat with friends during afternoon.

Restaurant Info:
Tiffin (Wan Chai)
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong , 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong
Openrice Link

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