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Malaysia Getaway:[Accommodation] Melaka Budget Hotel: The Rucksack Caratel – Walking Distance to Jonker Street


Melaka, with its nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of old Hong Kong, is a perfect destination for a short getaway. The city boasts traditional Chinese characters on signboards, the classic combination of ground-floor shops and upper-floor residences, and the joyful eavesdropping on locals speaking Cantonese. While it may not be an overwhelmingly exciting place, Melaka offers a charming setting for a quick escape. Among its highlights, a visit to the cafes and night market on Jonker Street is an absolute must.

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Due to the concentration of attractions in Melaka, it is highly recommended to stay near Jonker Street for convenience and easy access to the city’s main attractions.



As we decided on a spontaneous getaway to Melaka during the long weekend, we unfortunately missed the opportunity to book some of the more visually appealing homestays. However, the convenience of the location was truly unmatched, and we also managed to save a considerable amount of money. The scenery provided great photo opportunities, and overall, we were quite satisfied with our stay.

Accommodation information:

The Rucksack Caratel
Address:107, Jalan Banda Kaba, Banda Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-292 2107

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