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The Nordic 18 Days:[Denmark][Itinerary] Day 2 Copenhagen Insider – Explore the City

After a good night's rest, we embarked on a full-day city tour of Copenhagen. We woke early today and we have enough time to go to many of our favourite attractions

After a good night’s rest, we embarked on a full-day city tour of Copenhagen. We woke early today and we have enough time to go to many of our favourite attractions

Day 1 Itinerary review:(English Version of Day 1 Itinerary)


1. Nyhavn
2. Lagkagehuset
3. Rosenberg Castle
4. Christianborg
5. WOK
6. Our Church of Savior
7. Cruise
8. Nyhavn 17

First stop:Nyhavn

First of all, we two early bird went to check in. There were too many people to check in the day before. We decided to get up early and arrive at Nyhavn at 7 o’clock. It’s awesome as this place is usually touristic and crowded but not during this time. We ran back and forth to press the shutter several times to take the perfect picture.

We might as well take this corner mirror and capture the colorful houses in Nyhavn through the reflection.


Second stop: eat cinnamon rolls in Lagkagehuset

Bread, especially cinnamon rolls, is one of the few must-eat delicacies in Northern Europe. Enjoying a piece of bread and a cup of hot coffee is the most authentic Danish breakfast combination. After leaving Nyhavn, you can walk to Lagkagehuset-Denmark’s most famous bakery.

We ordered a chocolate cinnamon roll and a pizza. Both are cold. We were wondering why do people eat a cold bread in the cold winter morning without reheating…Cinnamon rolls are good. The flavour is strong and the chocolate on it is sweet. On the other hand, the Pizza is not special, the only upside is that there is many cheese.

Lagkagehuset (Copenhagen)
Address: In fact, it is a chain store. The two more convenient branches are as follows:

Ny Østergade 12, 1101 København K
Vesterbrogade 4, A, 1620 København V (Opposite to Tivoli)
Official website (Danish): click here


3rd Stop : Rosenberg Castle (Rose Palace)

The Rosenberg Castle, which you can visit for free with a Copenhagen Card, is a famous attraction in Copenhagen. Both the exterior and interior design are very elegant. This fairy-tale palace is one of the symbols of Copenhagen. The building is designed in accordance with the Dutch Renaissance style, with the roof made of bronze and the walls made of red bricks. The castle displays many treasures of the royal family of the past, including ornaments, costumes, and ceramic tributes.

The entire castle is divided into multiple areas, areas with simple wooden furniture, and areas with gorgeous marble floors and Italian-style carved ceilings. The picture is the most magnificent room we saw when we visited. There are not too many tourists, so you can take a picture like this and feel the magnificent style in it.

What we appreciate most is that there are area codes in the entire castle. Just follow the QR code distributed by the staff to browse the official website and click on the different room numbers to get a detailed introduction to the exhibits and room decoration styles.

Among them, the most valuable is the crown of Christian IV above, which attracts many tourists to take pictures. It is indeed very expensive as it was made in 1595 but still glittering.

After visiting the inside, I went out to take pictures. In fact, the area next to it is very large, with green grass and moats. I heard that the roses next to the Castle will be in full bloom during the summer. You might as well take a seat and feel the leisure of Northern European. Although there are a lot of tourists, it is not very crowded due to its large space. And there is no long queue to enter the venue, but remember to leave the accompanying items in the locker before you can visit. You are allowed to bring your camera, so remember to put on your pocket clothes for carrying personal items.

4th Stop: Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace always appears when looking for Copenhagen attractions online, but we are really unconscious, so we plan to pass by and take a look. The nearby Christianshavn is still more eye-catching.

Christiansborg Palace has a history of more than 800 years and is now the seat of the Danish Parliament. When we passed by that day, a parade passed by Christiansport.

There is a tower in Christiansborg Palace. Visitors can climb to the top for free. We saw that it was early and the Copenhagen card in hand was free to visit, so we decided to go in and walk around. Compared with the Rose Palace, the overall degree of luxury is slightly reduced. There are many wooden buildings in the castle, and the most profound were the ruins of the banquet hall and underground.

Christiansborg Palace was destroyed by fire in 1884 and nearly two-thirds of it was rebuilt in 1907. We heard that there were originally three crowns, but now only one crowns on the tower remain today. It is also the highest point in Copenhagen. It overlooks the charm of the old and modern part of Copenhagen. If the weather is good, you can even look into the distance and find Sweden.

Attractions Information:
Address: Prins Jørgens Gård 1, 1218 København, Denmark
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00-21:00; closed on Monday

5th Stop:WOK

It was a bit tired after the long walk and the weather was a bit cold. We really wanted to eat some hot and rewarding food. Since we had already been missing Asian food, we found an Asian restaurant. After passing by this Thai food, we both remembered the hot and sour aroma of asian food, and our eyes glowed immediately, and it was called “WOK”, which should be very rewarding in Cantonese. But in Copenhagen, we can’t expect too much. We ordered a Pad Thai and a wet stir-fried pho. To be honest, it was far away from the authentic Thai food, but it was finally cooked fresh and warmed up. If you are like us and miss asian food in the cold winter, you might as well try it.

Restaurant Information:
Address: Torvegade 49 Christianshavn, Copenhagen 1400 Denmark
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00 every day
Phone: +45 70 23 23 51

6th Stop: Church of Our Savi

The Church of Our Saviour is built in Dutch Baroque style, and the most famous one is the spiral staircase at the top. Christian IV (Yes, it was him again) planned to build this church in 1617. It was not officially completed until 1695, and the building was not completed until 1747.

The church we visited is one of the most interesting area among the many attractions. While walking on the spiral staircase, the stairs become narrower and narrower, but it is really interesting to watch the scenery. Of course, this is also a testament to your strength and physicality to walk so many stairs.

7th Stop:Canal cruise

We deliberately chose a cruise at dusk. We like to see the silhouette of the cabin under the orange sunset. It is completely different from the wind and shadows during the day. It adds a bit of romance for the two of us. If you can have a glass of wine, watch it slightly. The canal must be more enjoyable.

The cruise takes about one hour long. The guided tours are in English and Danish, but there are also guided tours in different time and languages, such as Chinese and Spanish.


Along the way, passing by the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, Christiansborg Palace, the Little Mermaid Statue and the National Library.

On the boat, you will also cross the bridge from time to time, and the captain will remind you not to stand up. If you bring children, remember to take care of them.

You can cruise for free with the Copenhagen Card. Remember to make an appointment earlier. Although there are a lot of cruises, the cruises are still full during the peak season. The starting place can be either Nyhavn or Old Beach. We set off at Nyhavn, but we didn’t see anyone getting on the boat at the midway station, but we saw some people getting off the boat.


8th Stop:Nyhavn 17

The meal is not special, except it is a very expensive ($300-400HKD per person). We ordered seafood soup, steak and salmon steak. The taste is no different from the western food you can eat in Hong Kong. It is delicious but there is no dishes that are unforgettable.

Restaurant Information:
Name: Nyhavn 17
Address:Nyhavn 17, 1051 København, Denmark


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