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Hong Kong Insider:2D1N in Sai Kung – Camping along the coast

Local travel does not mean sacrificing the quality of tourism even under the pandemic. First, paid a visit to the high-quality coffee shop Little Cove Espresso, then go camping in Sai Wan, followed by visiting the Indonesian cuisine restaurant - Bakso before leaving.

Local travel does not mean sacrificing the quality of tourism even under the pandemic. First, paid a visit to the high-quality coffee shop Little Cove Espresso, then go camping in Sai Wan, followed by visiting the Indonesian cuisine restaurant – Bakso before leaving.

There are many ways to reach Sai Kung. Depending on which day of the week, weekdays and holidays are slightly different. As one of the Hong Kong locals, I believe everyone is familiar with its transportation. If you are not familiar with Sai Kung, or if you are a tourist, you can also refer to the transportation methods we listed, and you are welcome to leave a message and ask us.


1. Metro to minibus

MTR Kowloon Bay Station Telford Garden Green Minibus No. 1
MTR Choi Hung Station Green Minibus No. 1A or 1S
MTR Po Lam Station Minibus No. 12
MTR Mong Kok Station Dundas Street Kung Mong Line Red Minibus
MTR Causeway Bay Station Tang Lung Street / Hung Hom Station Wuhu Street Red Minibus

2. Metro to Bus

MTR Diamond Hill Station or Choi Hung Station Bus No. 92
MTR Sha Tin Station Bus No. 299X
MTR Tseung Kwan O Station Bus No. 792M

3. Transfer to minibus/bus from other transportation

Of course, it is not necessary to take the subway to reach the bus or minibus stop You can also transfer to the nearest bus line or even the tram. I will not list them all here. Basically, the buses or minibuses for the second journey are the same as those listed above.

1st Stop: Popoular Yellow Cafe Little Cove Espresso

This is a very satisfying coffee shop. It has been a popular restaurant for many years. The restaurant used pure white and wood o as the decorations, and the food and the display are very instagram-able. Many coffee shops don’t taste like this.

I won’t write more reviews here. If you are interested in reading more, you can refer to another detailed review 詳細食評. In short, the recommended items include French Toast (must, must, must!), Sour Dough (with pulled pork, smoked salmon, etc.), and coffee (which is both Nutty and smooth, and can be transferred) Vegan Oat Milk / Soy Milk).。

Detailed review link:


2nd Stop: Shopping and ParknShop in the center of Sai Kung

Our focus of this trio is the Azure Coast, of course, we can’t just stay too long in the center of Sai Kung. We plan to camp this time and spend two days and one night enjoying the sea. We went from Yuen Long and had already carried a lot of weight. We carried things such as tents, sleeping bags, stoves, camping chairs and so on. In order to reduce the burden, the ingredients will only be bought in Sai Kung.

The Sai Kung Fusion Supermarket is located on Qin Min Street, which is also next to the Sai Wan Village Bus Station and is very convenient to us. When you walk from Sai Kung Pier to Qin Man Street, you will also see a lot of shops, where you can buy drinks, swimsuits, and beach items such as volleyball and flying saucers.
Sai Kung Fusion
Address:1/F, No.16 Chan Man St, Sai Kung


3rd Stop: Traffic to Sai Wan

There are three options for transportation to Sai Wan:

  1. Sai Wan Village Bus
  2. Ferry
  3. Taxi

Since Sai Wan is a restricted area, everyone should be careful not to enter by driving.

Sai Wan Village Bus– Affordable price, about $20-Sparse shifts
-There are a lot of people during the holiday, so be sure to wait for a few buses
-The journey time is about 30 minutes
-Only to Sai Wan Pavilion, it will take 30 minutes to walk next time
Ferry-A little faster 25-30 minutes
-Conveniently place camping items
-Direct access to Sai Wan / Ham Tin Wan, no need to walk
-The price is expensive, about $130-150 per person
-The sailing schedule is set by the shipowner, and the number of people must be collected
-The boat may not sail during off-season or when there are few people on weekdays
Taxi-Conveniently place camping items
-There must be taxi in both directions
-The price is in the upper range, about $100 per car, cost-effective for more people
-The journey time is about 30 minutes
-Only to Sai Wan Pavilion, it will take 30 minutes to walk next time

We finally chose a taxi. As we didn’t want to wait for the village bus, we had to wait 2 hours for the next bus. In addition, we had a lot of luggage, so we changed to a taxi. When we enter West Bay on weekdays in winter, basically no boatman will sail. In fact, the journey from Sai wan Pavilion to Big Wave Bay is not difficult. It is all downhill, and you can feel like camping after climbing a mountain!

4th Stop: Depart from Sai Wan Pavilion to Tai Long Sai Wan

After getting off the bus at Sai Wan Pavilion, look towards the direction of Sai Wan Village, about 30 minutes. The journey is very comfortable, the sea breeze blows and the whole journey is downhill, and 80% of it is a concrete road. If you want to reduce the burden, you can go with a trailer.

Although it says it will take 45 minutes, from our experience, with heavy load, and if lightly loaded. In the end, it takes 30 minutes to complete the journey. You can walk with peace of mind.


5th Stop:Tai Long Sai Wan Camping

You can enjoy a completely different atmosphere from the holiday on Thursday night. There are only about 6-7 camps on the beach. Generally speaking, there are water sources and dry toilets in the West Bay camp, but because the camp is closed, the toilets and water pipes are sealed with tape. So remember to bring water. If there is not enough water, you can go to the store in Sai Wan Village for replenishment, but according to the observation that day, the store is closed in the afternoon on weekdays, probably because there is less crowds. In addition, if you go to the toilet, you have to do it among the wood and grass!

It was very windy that day. We chose to camp on the first night below 10 degrees this winter. It was very windy and the tent was very hard to tie up, and it took a full hour. The picture above is the result after an hour of hard work. But at night it was really cold, and we could barely resist the cold by putting on all the clothes on our body. The Big slept well, but The Bread couldn’t sleep at all and was awakened by the sound of the wind. Fortunately, the next morning when the sun came out, it was very warm, and then we cooked our lunch – meat spicy noodles and fish ball soup to warm up our body.

Originally, we planned to see the stars on the first night, but because it was too cold to leave the tent, we only looked out and curled up into our sleeping bag. However, the seascape of the second day did not disappoint us. It was great to see the deep blue ocean.


6th Stop:Returning from Tai Long Sai Wan to Sai Kung Center

We also chose to take a taxi to leave, but the return journey was uphill, plus a little sun, which was a lot harder than the last walk, but if you have hiking experience on weekdays, it will definitely not be difficult for you. Don’t worry about not having a taxi, basically there are long-term vacant taxis in Sai Wan Pavilion.


Stop 7: Indonesian food in the city centre – Bakso Flagship Store

This small Indonesian restaurant is a pleasant surprise. First of all, the appearance is almost the same as that of a regular check-in IG coffee shop. The decoration is pure white and wood, and the store is divided into upper and lower floors. There will be some movie sharing sessions and other activities.

There are set meals at lunchtime on weekdays. The most famous one is beef bone soup rice. The meat is rich in flavor and the beef bone is very loose after being boiled. We also ordered Indonesian beef ball soup noodles, which are similar to the Thai or Vietnamese noodles that we usually eat, but the taste is milder and the ingredients are very rich. The set meal can also be accompanied by snacks at a discounted price. A detailed review will be attached later.

Bakso Flagship Store (Sai Kung)
9 Wan King Path, Sai Kung

This is The Bread’s first camping trip in Hong Kong. Even though it might be an uncomfortable experience for him, he still promised The Big to go camping together next time heehee





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