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Singapore Food Diaries:[Dessert] Roji Monster Ice Cream – The Cute Monsters and their Impressive Matcha Icecream


A Binsu shop origated in Taiwan and inspired by Japan. The cute shaved ice is charactererised as little monsters. Choose your base flavours and 2 toppings along with the ice. Overloaded cuteness and deliciousness.

Chinese version of Food Review:


Situated in the charming neibourhood of Tanjong Pagar, the standing-out vibe of Roji caught people’s attention. Lovely store front and the cute shaved ice attracted us.

The store has a nice minimal wooden Japanese interiors. As a themed monster store, the place was decorated with monster-like lanterns.

How to Order?

Pick your flavour, then stamp your choices of toppings on the flavor card then just wait. Easy!

What did we Order?

。Milk Ice with Salted Sakura Jelly & Brown Sugar Pearls。
。Uji Matcha Ice with Matcha Jelly & Matcha Taro Balls。

Milk Ice with Salted Sakura Jelly & Brown Sugar Pearls

It has been some time since we last ate shaved ice and we love the silky smooth texture of this shaved ice. It runs among the texture of ice-cream and Potong ice popsicles . Yet, it will be even better if it is more milky. The beautiful, instagrammable salted sakura jelly is a fresh choice but not that matchy with the milk flavor. Brown sugar pearls were a perfect choice with the milk ice based with its great brown sugar aroma and chewy texture.

Uji Matcha Ice with Matcha Jelly & Matcha Taro Balls

The texture is similar with the milk flavor but a richer version. We love the complex taste of matcha, a bit grassy but fresh. Taro balls are chewy but not flavorful but still make a good match with the Matcha ice. Not recommend for choosing match jelly, we do not like the texture.

Roji Monster Ice Cream Singapore 路地氷の怪物
Address:52 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088473 (Google Map)
Opening hour:15:00 – 22:30 (Closed on Mondays)
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