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Restaurant Review in Hong Kong:The Eggs-pert TAMAGO-EN

Eggs-pert is here! All dishes are made with Okinawa eggs! Yumyum.

In Japan, one of the popular cuisine is Western-Japnese food. Add a twist of Japanese flavour to the western dishes.

Most of the Western-Japanese restaurants disappointed me. Tamago-en is the only exception.

Tamago means eggs in Japnese. Apparently, this is a restaurant specialising in EGG dishes. Let’s check out the Eggs-pert.

Eggs all around.

You can find different egg dishes on the menu. They all look great. We ordered take away previously including 5-kind Rolled Omelette Skewer, Beef Stewed Rice with Omelette and Chicken Nanban with Homemade Tartar Sauce.

We didn’t take photos last time, so let’s try to visualize with our words. We love the 5-kind Rolled Omelette Skewer. They are topped with crab meat, salmon roe, cherry tomato, seaweed sauce and cod fish roe salad respectively. The cod fish roe salad is surprisingly good while the other didn’t taste unique. Though, the omelette is beyond our expectation with a delicate balance of the flavor of eggs and the sweetness of the broth.

While the omelette rice and Chicken Nanban failed to impress us.

Pork Cutlet & Egg Don

The pork cutlet rice with egg did impress us. They golden crusted cutlet remains crispy with the sauce. The cutlet is juicy and tender. The only flaw was the portion of egg and sauce are too small leading to the lack of flavor on the last few spoonful of rice.

The rice is complimentary with the Yuzu pepper sauce. It tastes well with the cutlet giving a fresh scent to the don.

Prawn & Mentai Cream Pasta

The pasta texture was good, of course, it is incomparable to Italian pasta. The Mentai cream is especially good. Mentai, salted pollock roe, is a popular culinary ingredient. The Mentai cream was draped on the silky pasta served with fresh prawns. The Onsen egg put the finishing touch on the pasta.


Okonomiyaki-style Rolled Omelette with Octopus

The rolled omelette is the best among the three dishes. Same as the omelette skewer, the rolled omelette is mouthwatering with a blast of the sweetness of broth when you chew the roll. With the touch of red ginger and octopus and toppings of Japanese barbecue sauce & mayo, it pretty much resembles the taste of Okonomiyaki. P.S. the mayo tastes especially good.



Shop 2060, 2/F, YOHO I, 9 Long Yat Road, Yuen Long
Shop 8, 4/F, The Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok
Shop 216-217, 2/F, Harbour North Phase 2, 123 Java Road, North Point

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