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Hong Kong Food Diary:[Yellow Economy] Qi Po Middle East Restaurant

Middle East cusine is so unpopular in Hong Kong. Does it taste good? Try Qi Po for high quality Middle East cuisine.

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An 8-minute walk from MTR Austin station to arrive at Qi Po. Using ‘Qi Po’, a nick name for our greatest Chief Executive, as the name of restaurant is brave. If I were the owner, I would not willing to recall this disgusting woman everyday.

<p class="has-text-align-center" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Once you arrive the restaurant, you can feel the Middle East vibes with the Turkish design glass lanterns.Once you arrive the restaurant, you can feel the Middle East vibes with the Turkish design glass lanterns.

The beauty of Turkish lamp

Basically, the decoration of the restaurant resembles much the traditional Turkish design when they adopt Turkish-style drawing, mats with typical Middle East patterns and the beautifully matched table cloth.


Our order

Yellow Curry Lassi Chicken with Rice

Chicken & Lamb Skewer with Pita Bread

Buffalo Wings

Yellow Curry Lassi Chicken with Rice

Qi Po is a boutique restaurant. When we enter, there was only one waiter to serve all tables. As it was just a few days after the soft opening, the waitress was not so familiar with the operation. She first gave us the wrong menu. She were unable to tell us whether there were other dishes other than the lunch sets too. Despite the little flaws, she is lovely and polite.

We ordered two lunch sets this time.

Before coming, we read news about the restaurant owner. He has been to Turkey to master the Middle East cuisine. Both of us haven’t tried authentic Turkish cuisine, but both of us like this Lassi Curry. It was rich of the scent of herbs with a touch of honeyed, fruity taste matching perfectly with rice. The chicken in the curry is tender and complimentary with potatoes, onions and coriander. The curry becomes even richer after adding the refreshing yogurt. The only flaw: the portion is a bit small.

Chicken & Lamb Skewer with Pita Bread

We had skewer from the lunch set menu and it was complimentary with Pita bread. The pita bread was so thin. It definitely unable to fill our appetite.

The chicken was tender too and the grilled pepper and onions are juicy. We love the savory with a sprinkle of cumin, the typical herbs in the Middle East.

While the Big is never a lamb-lover so the Bread took the whole lamb skewer. The lamb was succulent with the same spices on top just like the chicken skewer. The mutton odor of the lamb was just right – not too much but not too less.

Something strange is that the salad on the side is dressed with Japanese sesame seasoning. It was quite contradicting with the flavors of Middle East cuisine. Maybe mint sauce or simply mayo would taste and match better?

Buffalo Wings

5 mins after having the main dish, the long awaited Buffalo Wings have arrived! Bread and Big was super shocked by the huge size of the chicken wings. In fact, we have never seen such a large chicken wing ever. It is around 2/3 of the size of Big’s hand, which is around 10cm long. We assume this must one muscular or super fat chicken!

As our appetite was too big, we enquired about whether we could order Buffalo Wings, which are recommended on the website. The cook said Yes so we are lucky enough to try this dish out of the lunch set menu.

To be frank, the Buffalo Wings have thick batter, but the meat is even thicker. We loved this dish, plus it is super difficult to fail in making the Buffalo Spicy Sauce. The mixture of sour and spicy made us very appetizing. The fried chicken is very crunchy. There are 4 wings int total and we both felt super satisfied and full after finishing the wings.

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