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Hong Kong Food Diary:[Yellow Economy] Outdark – Undoubtedly the Best Korean Fried Chicken in HK

Are there any dish that will appear in any country's cuisine. Perhaps the answer is fried chicken

Are there any dish that will appear in any country’s cuisine. Perhaps the answer is fried chicken.

It goes without saying that there are different types of chicken in different cuisine – fried chicken in Chinese cuisine, hometown chicken in the United States, and Tang Yang chicken in Japan. There are many ways to make (fried) chicken. Among all the choices, our favourite is the Korean fried chicken which we tend to eat one per month. However, every time after we ate too much fried chicken at once, we then made up our mind: “It is very greasy and we should not eat fried chicken for another 6 months! “. Usually, we will just revisit the restaurant after a few weeks.

This time I brought The Bread to Outdark. I have been here with friends several times since I was in college. After a few years, Korean fried chicken is no longer a trend in HK, but Outdark is still the mainstay among them. It stands firm, showing its strength by delivering awesome Korean cuisine. We did not know that Outdark was managed by a Korean boss until when we left, there was a Korean Oppa saying goodbye to us in Cantonese.

Location and decoration

Outdark is located at a convenient location, just on Houfu Street. The restaurant is located in one of the building with all sorts of restaurants. You have to wait at least 5 minutes for the lift during peak hours.

Like the name of the store, Outdark is really dark inside with very few lights, but since it is December during our time of visit, the store is full of Christmas decorations and star lights, which is very Christmassy. Most of the seats are booth seats. It is very comfortable for two people to sit, but if you are a group of four people, it should be a bit packed.


We ordered two dishes, honey fried chicken and Korean style stir-fried noodles with seafood. Neither of the two dishes disappointed us.

Korean stir-fried vermicel with seafood

The first dish is the Korean-style seafood stir-fried glass noodles. Usually, I am a little afraid of fried glass noodles, but not for this one! It relies on sauce to prevent the noodles from clumping, which is more damp and juicy than the Korean stir-fried noodles in other restaurants. The portion is slightly smaller but it is just right to pair with the giant fried chicken. The sauce is salty and sweet and thus very appetising, and has the umami taste of seafood. Although it is snow Tibetan seafood, the meat is also solid and elastic, together with shrimp, squid, and clams, it is a perfect match. The best thing is that there are many mushrooms and onions, which are very well cooked.


Sweet Honey and Spicy Fried Chicken with Rice Cake

There are about 10-12 pieces of fried chicken in a plate, all boneless. There is a reason why fried chicken is the most popular dish of the restaurant. There is only chicken thighs. The fried powder is crispy and thin, and will not take away the limelight of the meat. The meat is solid but very tender. Plus, it is boneless.

In terms of taste, we chose half honey and half sweet & spicy sauce. The most famous one in the store must be the honey fried chicken. The slight garlic flavor is topped with sweet honey, which is very refreshing. The sweet and spicy taste is also slightly different from ordinary fried chicken restaurants. It is similar to the taste of Thai chili sauce, which is not too thick to overwhelm the taste of chicken. It is slightly spicy and appetizing.

In addition to the fried chicken, it also comes with French fries, potato wedges, and potato grids. I especially like potato grids, which are delicious and crispy. And we also added fried rice cakes, there are 6 pieces which is a bit disappointing, the outside is crispy and the smoke is tough, but because it is fried, it has no taste. The rice cakes are better cooked.

The long-awaited Outdark meal is undoubtedly one of the best in terms of fried chicken quality, plus it is a yellow shop, there is no reason not to go to this restaurant. In addition, pork knuckle is also a dish that we want to try, but we have to wait for more people to try it.


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