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Online Shop Food Diary:Brickery.bread, the quality bagels Vol.2

After the last order, we buy some new flavors again. Let's try these new combinations!

After the last order, we buy some new flavors again. Let’s try these new combinations!

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Brickery’s signature is their chewy bagels instead of the fillings. If you like those bagels with heavy fillings and only a 1-mm thick dough outside the fillings, then Brickery is not your cup of tea. If you love chewy texture of bagels or you would like to try, then Brickery is definitely a good choice to start with.


The flavors we ordered in Vol.2 review:

。Wakatake Matcha & Hokkaido Azuki。
。Garlic Sesame。
。Squid Ink & Double Cheese。
。Moon Fest Special N.1。
。Moon Fest Special N.2。

。Wakatake Matcha & Hokkaido Azuki。

This is the new flavor of Sep 2020. The bagel is born with a reason. Brickery made this for one of their old customer who is also a mother. She is leaving HK soon and probably not able to eat Brickery’s bread in the foreseeable future. She wish to try Matcha flavor of Brickery’s bagel so Brickery did it. The good, old warmth of Hongkongers.

Matcha bagel adopts the matcha powder from Wakatake, Kyoto. ‘Wakatake’ means bamboo-like in Japanese. You can see the emerald and bamboo-like green of the bagel. This is the typical kind of Matcha powder used in bakery products. It tastes slightly bitter and astringent. An ‘adult’ taste of Matcha. Not much sugar was added to the dough so you can carefully taste the bitterness. Also, the scent of seaweed from the Matcha powder is just right.

While for the caramelized red bean ‘Azuki’, the generous portion is very satisfying and giving the bagel an appropriate sweetness. Love the bittersweet bagel! The red bean is full and plump. After caramelizing, they are beautifully starchy and delicate.

The portion of sesame is no kidding! They fell like storm when I got it out from the plastic bag. Brickery mixed black and white sesame to give a fuller scent. Before sprinkling them on top of the bagel, the sesame was roasted to enhance the nutty scent. While garlic pieces are kneaded into the dough balancing flavor.

This is a light bagel and suitable for pairing with cream cheese. Garlic & Chives cream cheese is a good choice.

。Garlic Sesame。

After spreading the Garlic and Chives cream cheese, even more sesame was fell onto the plate. Nvm! The Big licked all sesame after eating the bagel just like a little dog!

With the first bite, the strong taste of garlic conquered your mouth. You can barely distinguish whether the garlic taste is coming from the bagel or the cream cheese. The nutty sesame adds a flavorful scent during chewing.


。Squid Ink & Double Cheese。

Though Brickery didn’t put lots of fillings in the bagels, some of the flavor is still rich and heavy. Squid ink and cheese is your option if you like heavy and savory bagels. The bagel is made with Italian squid ink. Red paprika was used to combat the unpleasant smell of squid ink. Tbh, this is the best squid ink product I have ever tried. Mostly, you can barely taste the difference with or without squid ink but not the case in this bagel. You can surely taste the umami of the squid ink.


Two types of cheese were added into the bagel – processed cheddar cheese and mozzarella. Processed cheddar was heated to pasteurization temperatures which prevents further ripening so it maintain its texture even after baking. After reheating, the cheese was soft and slightly salty. Mozzarella cheese was sprinkled on top of the bagel and became crunchy after baking.


。Moon Fest Special N.1 Silver Lining in the Dark。

Moon Fest Special looks so alike. Yet, the smell is distinguishable as they smells super strong and good!

N.1 is featuring black sesame dough with salted egg yolk fillings. The combination is so mooncake-ish. I ate this 3 weeks after the mid-autumn festival and the bagel tastes surprisingly good. The black sesame bagel dough tastes slightly sweeter than the other bagels from Brickery but it was just right as the nutty flavor of sesame needs some sugar to be the ‘trigger’.

The combination is simple. Black sesame dough with salted egg yolk fillings. The name of the bagel is simple too. Silver Lining is the egg yolk with the dark bagel dough.

Moon Fest Special N.2 Sadness and gladness succeed one another

The bagel features a special flavor – Pu’er tea. Pu’er is a fermented tea traditionally produced in Yunnan Province, China. Many Chinese, especially the older generation, fall into Pu’er deeply. A luxury Pu’er can cost $13,320,000HKD for 25kg. What a stunning price. Of course, pu’er could be very cheap depending on the origin, craftsmanship and storage. Anyway, pu’er symbolizes Chinese culture. This bagel is just too creative! Brickery is using traditional Yunnan Pu’er instead of the low-priced pu’er and adding pomelo. Bitterness, sweetness and sour are interweaving.


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