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Online Shop Food Diary:[From Taiwan] 1 Mantou Vol.1

Let's try Mantou! The Chinese traditional buns! Unlike the traditional ones, this time we have the new-era Mantou!

The bagel-lover, aka. The Big, is not eating bagels this time. Let’s try Mantou! The Chinese traditional buns! Unlike the traditional ones, this time we have the new-era Mantou!

Purple Potato with Salted Egg Yolk

The Bread & The Big purchased 4 Mantous at an online shop. They are in the Pink collection coincidently. Love their cross-sections which makes you happy before even eating them.

Before ordering, we did not check their appearance. We thought they will be boring and plain like a normal Mantou, but it turns out looking SUPER CUTE! The fillings are rolled between layers of dough. When you cut it half, you can see the perfect cross-section.

There is not much added sugar in the sweet potato. You will able to taste the natural and nice sweetness of the purple potato. The salted egg yolk gives a touch of savory to the bun. Unlike other shops, 1mantou did not add extra oil and cream to flavour the salted egg yolk but simply marinade with rice wine and grill them afterwards.

Cranberr & Raspberry Cream Cheese

The dough is similarly delicate and comfortably chewy. This is probably the reason why so many people loves the bun from 1Mantou: great variety of fillings and beautifully kneaded dough.

When The Big had the first bite, I knew I will but this flavour again. Like it so much! Different from the other shops we tried, the cream cheese is not cut into dices. Instead, a luxury portion of cream cheese is presented like a brick lol. You would definitely amazed by the milky flavor and the soft texture. After reheating, the cream cheese keeps a lower temperature than the bun which is ice cream-like! The dried raspberries and cranberries are not just for decoration. A HANDFUL of dried berries will be found in the bun, sweet and sour – balancing the greasy cream cheese. Some of the berries are kneaded in the dough. As breakfast, it is fulfilling but not surfeiting.

Sweet Potato, Taro and Cheese

This is the reason why I buy 1Mantou and it did not disappoint me. Just a warm reminder: this is a carbs-dense bun. If you are not a carbs-lover, do not buy this. Also, do not eat the whole bun at one time, especially in the early morning. The Big ate half of it for breakfast and it is already very fulfilling to her big appetite!

Similar to Purple Potato with Salted Egg Yolk Bun, this is also a ‘roll-type’ bun. Just like Cinnamon Roll haha! 1Mantou do very well for all the roll-type buns.

Sweet potato are mashed and rolled into the dough. The cheese and taro are cut into dices and evenly rolled. The mashed sweet purple potatoes are definitely natural without much added sugar. From the photo, you may barely see the taro dices, but you can definitely taste the natural flavor when you are eating this. The proportion of the cheese is generous. They are soft and giving a slight savory taste.

Cranberries Red Wine

This is the only bun without fillings in my order, but it is not a halfpenny the worse. Instead, you can taste the texture of the bun carefully without interference by the fillings. 1Mantou is proud of their premium ingredients. Quality flour, full concentration in temperature and fermentation control.

The bun didn’t let me down. The dough is dense and chewy and keeping its moist. Try to press the bun, and it will return to its normal shape. According to the menu, this bun has no added sugar AT ALL! Still, there is natural sweetening flavor of the fermented dough. Cranberries are soaked into red wine before kneading while red wine is added to the flour mixture too. Great scent!

We are attracted by the taro and berries flavor this time. While most of the people highly recommend the tea flavors buns, so we already ordered the next round! Stay tune to our buns review 2.0! Attached with the 2020 menu.

Remember to reheat properly! Go to their Instagram of Facebook page to check out the reheating methods!

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