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Singapore Food Diary:New Scissors-Cut. The Best Curry Rice in Geylang


A local-recommended restaurant. No decent designs or instagram-able plating but high quality food with a penny. Go for their signature curry dishes!

Chinese Version 中文版:

Similar to most of the local food stalls, New Scissors-cut is definitely not a ‘decent’ place to dine but you would find high quality curry dishes with reasonable price.

How to Order?

There’s a challenge to make an order here. Most of the customers are locals and they are very familiar with the place and procedures of making an order. We observed for 5 minutes before making an order.

Basically there are few combination:

1. Cai Fan only

Cai Fan means selecting your favourite dishes to go along with rice. Veggies cost lower and meat dishes cost higher. Pick your own bowl.

2. Curry sets only

The most famous dishes of the stall which stewed or fried meaty choices with the signature curry sauce. Most of them costs less than SGD$4.

3. Curry sets and add the side dishes you want.

A combination of 1 & 2. Get yourself a curry set and pick some add-ons to enjoy a feast.

What did we order?

。Braised Pork Belly Curry Set。
。Deep-fried Pork Chop Curry Set。

Braised Pork Belly Curry Set

The pork belly was succulent and beautifully braised with sweet soy sauce. A very typical Asian flavour that you could find similar dishes in Shanghai or Taiwanese cuisine. The pork belly was extremely tender to be immediately melted in your mouth when you took a bite. The signature curry sauce elevates the overall flavours. Nice fulfilment as a late night meal. If you go for a proper meal, I would recommend to add a side dish.

Deep Fried Pork Chop Curry Set

The curry is more prominent in this set as the flavours were not affected by the sou sauce. Creamy curry with a sweet coconut notes and not too salty and spicy. A just-right for a deep-fried meat. Cabbage and a sunny side-up are included in both sets which are more impressive than the over-cooked pork chop. I would go for pork belly personally.

New Scissors-Cut Curry Rice

Address:669 Geylang Road, Singapore 389596 (Google Map)
Opening hours:10:30am – 03:45am
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