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Hong Kong Food Diary:[Coffee Shop] MONO Lab, Home-made Bakeries and Single-origin Coffee

Give yourself a cozy weekend. Pastry and coffees. Here comes Mono Lab!

You will always find it satisfying to walk among streets and alleys in Central. Art and design shops, select shops, boutiques, coffee shops and more…… Here comes Mono Lab!

We were going to Central in the Sunday’s morning. The Bread said it has been a long time for him to visit Central again since home office was started.

Central is still in a hustle and bustle even on Sundays. Foreign domestic helpers, foreigners and local food-hunters and travelers like us.


I am curious why the lazy Big would suggest coming to Central with 1-hour transportation time in the Sunday. Ok…as expected, bagels AGAIN!

The Mono Lab is situated on the 7th floor of an old tenement buildings in Central. Turn right after coming out from the lift and you would see The Mono Lab.

Cozy Environment

A sip of coffee with the view of Tai Kwun

The Mono Lab is not big and spacious but still cozy. You can opt for an outdoor seat or an indoor window-side table.

Full house at the outdoor area so we opt for the table near the window. Perfect sunshine, perfect view and we both love the minimalistic design of The Mono Lab.


What did we order?

All the bakery products are written on a little blackboard next to the cashier. The products would change regularly. Other than coffee and beverages, the signature products are the home-made bakeries. Don’t miss them! We ordered 3 dishes among the 5 bakeries.

  • Tiramisu Bagel
  • Cheesy Bagzel
  • Pineapple Pound Cake
  • Cold Brew Tonic
  • Peru 70% Hot Chocolate


Peru 70% Hot Chocolate & Cold Brew Tonic

The hot chocolate was made with % Peru dark chocolate. However, it is less rich than I expected, especially when I had the most impressed iced chocolate in Easy Joe last time. The hot chocolate is not over-sweetened. Still, we do not recommend this for its light texture and too milky.

Instead, cold brew tonic would be a much more impressive choice.

The staff taught us the best way to try the coffee. First, take a few sips of the original flavor of the cold brew coffee. Then, pour it into the tonic water bit by bit. Take a sip again and see if the ‘concentration’ is to your taste. The Bread and I drink a sip of original cold brew respectively and found that the coffee is fruity and slightly sour. We then poured half of the cold brew coffee into the tonic water and added the dices of ice into it. After adding tonic water, the coffee is rich and refreshing. We both think that the richer is the better so we then pour the remaining portion of cold brew all into the tonic water.



Tiramisu Bagel, Cheesy Bagzel & Pineapple Pound Cake

If you have a hearty appetite, Mono Lab may not satisfy you. The signature bakeries has limited choice but all are on the trend. Bagels, pound cakes and the hottest dessert of the year – Basque cheesecake. All bakeries are home-made. As a bagel-addicting girl, The big ordered both bagels – Bagzel bagel and Tiramisu bagel.

Valrhona chocolate is used to be the base of the Tiramisu Bagel. Dark chocolate chips were kneaded in the dough of bagel so that they have a gooey center after baking. Cheesecake cream was topped on the bagel that giving a touch of Rum. Sprinkle the choco powder after baking – a great resemble of Tiramisu.

You may find your lips very dirty after first bite of the bagel. The dough could be more chewy and dense but the taste is perfect. Rich chocolate and the lava center is beautiful. While the Rum in the cheesecake cream is lovely. Overall, this is a delicately baked bagel.

Pretzel x Bagel = Bagzel

Bagzel Bagel, what a creative crossover of Pretzel and Bagel. The skin of bagel imitates the slightly tough and crunchy Pretzels but keeping the inner dough chewy like traditional bagels. The Bagzel was seasoned traditionally with sea salt with herbs and cheese fillings. The bite of the bagel requires a bit effort to tear the skin of the bagel.

The most impressed thing is that the bagel used 3 types of cheese with a generous portion. The savory and refreshed herbs are a good company of the cheese. In the end, this is a refreshing combination of ingredients to make Bagzel a good pastry.

Fresh Pineapple Pound Cake

What makes pound cakes ever-lasting is their irresistible rich and buttery taste. Pound cake here was good with the fresh pineapple which keeps their moisture even after baking. The Bread and I would prefer a denser texture and more buttery. The whipped cream on top gives a nice finishing touch to the cake by its light but creamy character.


Restaurant Information

All you need to know

Mono Lab is a coffee shop in the morning while a hot spot for Shisha starting from 6PM. As a healthcare professional, The Big does not recommend Shisha coz it really hurts your body in come way. Still, if you would like to try Shisha you could consider Mono.

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