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Hong Kong Food Diary: Master Beef Taiwanese Hotpot

Master Beef has bad beef? With over a hundred of all-you-can-eat side dishes, which are the best?

With hundreds of 5-star review on Openrice, we finally managed to try out this popular hotpot place. Lately, Master Beef extended the opening hours from dinner hours to lunch hours too.

Various budget lunch set options

If you do not prefer the buffet option, the lunch set is an another good option. It is cheaper with pre-selected meat option. Unlimited drinks, side dishes and snacks are provided.

Hand made dumplings, fresh meat and soya milk can be also ordered via your own mobile by scanning QR code。

$198 Wagyu Beef Buffet

90 mins all-you-can-eat

We are particularly hungry that day so we ordered the Wagyu beef buffet with Australian M5 Wagyu beef, hand-made fish mince and assorted side dishes e.g. meat balls, vegetables and noodles that can be freely taken in the buffet zone.

Source:Official facebook

The Soup


There is the spicy soup on the right of the hot pot and the chicken soup on the left. The spicy soup is recommenced for meat. You can choose the level of spiciness according your preference. The chicken soup is recommenced for other mince, fish ball and vegetables.

Chicken thigh with chicken soup

The Beef


There is no big difference between the option $198 and $138 for beef. Therefore, we suggest to go with the more economical option.

It is much smaller after putting in the hot pot.


Some are recommended
All type of mince. Some of them are highly recommended

Cuttlefish ball with Squid Ink is our favourite among all the food. It is very chewy and tender that there is a cow running in my mouth. You can also try the scallops mince. Our least preferred choice will be the beef mince. Not tasty at all!


Buffet Zone

All you can eat

A lot of side dishes, fresh vegetables and Taiwan mince ball could be easily found in the buffet zone. There are also different types of Taiwan and Chinese noodles which are rare to be found in a hot pot restaurant.

Super size Taro meat balls (芋頭貢丸). Must try!
Egg dumpling and steamed dumplings are also recommended.

Sauce, Condiment , Seasoning & Dressing 

Variety of Choices

You can freely take and refill all types of sauce, condiment, seasoning and dressing. There are beef sauce, garlic, pepper. Our personal favourite sauce has always been Sesame Paste.


Drinks & Dessert


There will be bowl of grass jelly dessert for each person. Other Taiwanese snacks include Taiwanese fried chicken fillet, fried tempura and Golden Sweet Potato. We highly recommend the Golden Sweet Potato. It is super fluffy and crunchy.

The most iconic drink in the restaurant is the cold brew tea. We have tried Roselle Tea, Osmanthus Oolong Tea and White Peach Oolong Tea. We think the Roselle Tea is the best among all. It’s taste is perfectly balanced between sour and sweet which is a good drink after a full meal. For Oolong tea, we prefer the fragrant smell of Osmanthus Oolong Tea over the White Peach Oolong Tea. According to the official page in Facebook, the restaurant welcome all customers to bring one bottle home and put them in your refrigerator with ice. You can then enjoy your cold brew tea next day.



Excellent quality for mince ball, dressing, Taiwan side dish, dessert and drinks. An average quality for beef. But Master Beef Taiwanese Hotpot is still a must-try rating for us. We recommend you to go with $138 option.

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