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Hong Kong Food Diary:[Yellow Economy] Little Cove Espresso


Whenever we want a little excursion in Hong Kong, we would think of Sai Kung. Before heading to the islands, go to the city center and fulfil your appetite. If you want to support the Yellow Economy while seeking for a quality meal, Little Cove Espresso is your choice.


Chinese Version of Food Review (中文版請移玉步)

The restaurant was a 2-mins walk from the Sai Kung Public Pier surrounding by many seafood restaurant making it so outstanding. We visited Little Cove at the lunch time on a weekday. Still, we find it full-house. You can imagine how long you have to wait if you come at the weekend. We were heading to camping after the meals and carrying two enormous backpacks. The staff are so sweet. They offer us a corner to let us offload our backpack and enjoy our meal time comfortably.


Pulled Pork Sour Dough

When the dish arrived, we found it very similar to the open sandwiches we had in Denmark. The portion doesn’t seem big but it is indeed very fulfilling. The base of the dish is two slices of sourdough bread and topped with pulled pork, basils, green apple slices and egg benedict.

The signature characteristics of sourdough bread is the density of the products. They are dense with beautiful air holes. The crust are crispy and slightly stretchy. We love the chewiness of the bread and the sour taste is not overtly presented. Instead, you can taste the unique aroma of the wheat if you chew the bread delicately.

The seasoning of the pulled pork is very middle-east like. Though, we think it could be more tender and moist for the pulled pork slices. While the egg benedict is very appetizing. We love the refreshing Hollandaise sauce.

Red Dragon Smoothie Bowl

We want something refreshing so we decided to order a smoothie bowl. The smoothie was blended with red dragon fruit, banana and coconut milk. The red dragon fruit doesn’t have an obvious aroma. The main taste comes from banana. Although the smoothie is blended with vegan milk, the creamy texture was not sacrificed. The smoothie bowl was topped with superfood including assorted nuts like almond, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, slices of green apples and pomegranate. All in all, the ingredients are fresh. The little wooden bowl surprisingly contained a fulfilling portion of smoothie!

French Toast

Here comes the signature dish of Little Cove – French Toast. You can see the dish on every tables! The toast was fluffy and moist inside and crispy outside. After soaking in egg, it still keeps the right amount of chewiness. Unlike a soufflé-life texture, it is comparatively denser so you can still see the air holes in the toast. The toast was topped with frosting, cinnamon powder, crushed pistachio and rose petals. With the enlightening honey, it tastes really good. We like the whipped cream too. It was whipped with cream cheese and cream and providing a creamy texture for the toast.



We ordered a cup of mango smoothie and a cup of mocha. The sweet and sour flavor of the smoothies was mouthwatering. While we requested oat milk for our hot mocha. It was smooth and rich in chocolate flavor.


Little Cove is a little wonderland in this concrete jungle. Not only the atmosphere is relaxing and Instagram-able, but also with high quality of food. They support the Yellow Economy as well.


Little Cove Espresso (Sai Kung)
Shop 1 and 2, G/F, Siu Yat Building, Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square, Sai Kung

Business Hours
Monday – Sunday:
07:30 – 18:00


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