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The Nordic 18 Days: [Denmark] Copenhagen’s Best Park, The Kastellet. Mills, castles and the Little Mermaid Statue.


We chose not to rush on our first day in Copenhagen to fully immerse ourselves into this tranquil Northern European city. Among all the spots, Kastellet is our favourite!

Day 1 Copenhagen Guide | Chinese Guide:

Kastellet is the best place for walking, jogging and picnicking. It takes 20 minutes to walk from Nyhavn. This is an amazing and pleasant walk. If you want to experience a place, experience it with your own steps! Many people go to Kastellet just to see the Little Mermaid statue, but in fact, the whole area is very large and there are many grasslands. It is a good place to enjoy the afternoon sun together with your family.

1: The little Mermaid

The first stop is to visit the famous Little Mermaid statue, which was created by the Danish sculptor Edvard Eriksen based on Andersen’s fairy tales. It then became a symbol of Copenhagen. It is rumored that the Little Mermaid was modeled after Danish chief ballet dancer Ellen Price at the time, but because he refused to be nude, the mermaid’s body was actually based on Edvard Eriksen’s wife in 1909. what!

The Little Mermaid was repeatedly damaged. She was decapitated and her arms were painted with “Free Hong Kong” (Brothers climbed mountains, but it’s really not good to destroy cultural relics of other countries) during the movement. In July of this year, he was painted with “Racist”. Fish”. Fortunately, this little mermaid is just an imitation, and the original collection has not been made public.

When we arrived at the statue of the Little Mermaid, the scene was really funny. Dozens of people gathered around the sculpture, shooting the small statue from various angles, and then the Little Mermaid sat on the stone helplessly as a model.

2: Under the cherry tree

Unexpectedly, you can see cherry blossoms in Northern Europe. After watching the Little Mermaid statue, walking along the seashore, you will see a small hillside with several cherry blossom trees standing in full bloom from April to May every year.

3: Castles and churches

Many people leave directly after seeing the Little Mermaid statue, but in fact the park occupies a very large area. It is a fortress in Denmark. You will find the five-pointed star structure, which is five forts: Kongens Bastion, Dronningens Bastion, Grevens Bastion, Prinsessens Bastion and Prinsens Bastion

In 1626, King Christian IV ordered the construction of Kastellet as a defensive wall in northern Copenhagen.

Extracted from Wikipedia

There is also its own church and mill in the park. The church is called Citadel Church, which was built in 1703 in Baroque style. The church is connected to the prison next to it, and there is a secret passage that allows prisoners at the time to receive religious spiritual services.

4: Wind Mill

There is a large mill in the southwest corner of Kastellet. The orange-red mills and windmills have a strong Dutch atmosphere. This windmill was built in 1847 to replace another damaged old windmill built in 1718.


5: Warehouse

There are many red tile-roofed buildings in Kastellet. It is used as a warehouse in Dangwu. This road with red huts on both sides is very famous.

Our first day’s itinerary ends here. Our itinerary is a super leisurely version. If time is tight, there is still a shorten version. But after all, it was the first day after getting off the plane. A long flight from Hong Kong to Denmark is extremely tiring for us, so the Bread and the Big went to the hotel to rest early. Let’s continue tomorrow!

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