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Hong Kong Insider:[Hotel] Hotel Icon – Club 65 Suite Staycation with City and Harbour View at a Glance

It is the Bread's birthday and for this time, we decided to stay at Hotel Icon for celebration

It is the Bread’s birthday and for this time, we decided to stay at Hotel Icon for celebration

Our room

We have originally booked the city view room, with package that cost around $1900. (Booked via Klook, please remember to compare the staycation package from different website before you book). Since it was the Bread’s birthday, The Big had reached out to the hotel staff to request for an upgrade, Luckily, the hotel manager was very nice, and we managed to upgrade to club 65 studio suite.

The room is around 65 ft sqm (700 ft), with a half city half harbour view in the living room. The bedroom has an even nice harbour view.

From the official website

The decoration is modern and elegant, more fashionable than the traditional five-star hotels. The semi-open living room and bedroom greatly increase the sense of space. The design is a collection of wood, leather, glass objects, etc. I especially like the dark design of the toilet, which is luxurious and modern.

The guest room has a large space. There is a desk and even a printer. The countertop is large and you can put some sundries. Sitting on the semi-circular sofa, putting our legs on the small stool, resting and relaxing for hours.

The bed is big, the mattress and pillows are the something that we both like, especially if the quilt is wide enough for both of us, we can avoid the situation of competing for the quilt at night. The leather sofa chair is super comfortable!

There is a Mini bar in the room that you can enjoy without extra charge. Including coffee capsules, Tea WG tea bags, snacks such as kernels and candies, soft drinks and canned juices. Apart from the coffee capsules that cannot be refilled, you can feel free to request to refills all the other items (we don’t know that coffee cannot be refilled, and the staff also made an exception to give us four new capsules, thank you!)



The restroom is worth a sub-topic separately. The room design can be imitated, but the restrooms in ordinary HK people’s homes are definitely not comparable to hotels. I believe no one will allocate 200-foot space in their home to the restroom!

The bathing area in the guest room is separated from wet and dry, and the wash basin can be used by two people at the same time. There is also a guest toilet.

The bathing area is also very wide, there is a large shower area and a bathtub enough for two people to bath together. ( We wore swimsuits in this photo!) We then went directly to 9/F Health Club to swim. perfect!

As mentioned before, we like the design of the toilet very much, because the Big has always been fond of the design of light industrial style. Using dark building materials well without being too gloomy. The Big has a lot of thoughts on lighting and material matching.

The bath products are all made from the Australian brand Appelles, which focuses on body and hair care products made with herbal essential oils. It was established in 2011. The product packaging adheres to the principle of environmental protection. Although it is not amazing when used, it is comfortable and natural scent after use.

Minibar only provides a bottle of mineral water, but there is filtered water next to the wash basin in the bathroom, which can be drunk directly, and it is also environmentally friendly. The water is clean and pure.


Birthday Celebration

Unlike the previous hotels, Hotel Icon didn’t spend much time on birthday decorations, but the staff was very considerate. For example, we asked for a seat near the window in The Market, and they were able to arrange for us. They also have prepared for the Bread two birthday desserts, one is macarons and the other is chocolate strawberry cupcake.

The cake was put into the room when we went to have afternoon tea. At the same time, they have also prepared tableware and two beautifully designed cards with our names on them.


The room view

I mentioned that the view of the Living room is half sea view and half city view. This is the view directly from the room. It is not considered as excellent, but you can view the Hong Kong Island. If the weather is good, you can see the Hong Kong Island building behind. Against the backdrop of the scenery, you can see the IFC in Central. On the left hand side is the sea view, and the room also cleverly added a long mirror on the right side, from which the reflection of the sea view can be seen.

The bedroom view

The bedroom is more oriented towards the sea view, and the Victoria Harbour can be seen. A comfortable sofa chair is placed by the window of the bedroom, so that we can relax while watching the sea view. We live on the 16th floor this time, if you want to avoid the chaotic rooftop of the opposite building, you can try higher floor.



We were very satisfied with the service by the hotel staff. The staff we met were courteous and considerate. The Managers who made inquiries for The Bread’s birthday in advance were very friendly. (The Bread is of course very happy!)

The Restaurant

Afternoon Tea

This package includes The Market afternoon tea set. It is not easy if you make your own booking. Especially now the theme is the acclaimed durian fragrance. It is great that staycation can guarantee two seats! But to be honest, I was a little worried that The Bread was not satisfied. First, we just finished the afternoon tea at the Grand Hyatt tea garden two days ago. Second, the Bread is not a big fan of durian like I am.

A detailed review will be attached later. This afternoon tea has successfully changed The Bread’s view of durian products. Apart from the original durian, the Bread basically appreciates it, and The Big is of course loved it! Both sweet and savoury are equally good, the Tea Set with baked stuffed lobster is perfect!

On the contrary, the durian was okay, sweet enough but not smooth enough, but The Market’s own durian ice cream is the most appetising, thick, sweet and slippery!



The breakfast is also served at The Market. The Market, which is famous for its buffet, even the buffet breakfast is exceptional. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the most delicious and rich breakfast in our many staycations.

The Market is big enough, and the occupancy rate is about 70% during breakfast. There is no problem with other hotels having to wait for breakfast. The restaurant has enough light and the outside is full of greenery.

Noodles and tonkotsu ramen, as well as optional raw porridge, salted soy milk, and a series of fresh juices, such as kiwi juice.

A detailed review will also be provided later.


Hotel facilities

If you are Staying in the Suite, you can enjoy the executive lounge experience at the same time, but since we are only upgrading the room type, we didn’t went into the lounge.

Health Club

This time we made good use of the 9/F Health Club. Because of the tight supply of rooms, we couldn’t late check out. So we asked if we can continue to use the 9/F facilities after checking out. The hotel staff provided us an access card since some of facilities inside require a room card to enter.

There is a big sofa where you can sit down, and there is a board game on the countertop. There is also PS4, and there are plenty of game options. There are football machines and billiards at the same time. We had a great time playing snooker.



Although the retraining area of the fitness center is not everything, it should be able to meet the general needs of use, such as cable, chest press, shoulder press, barbell, etc.

On the contrary, the aerobic zone is relatively new. It may be that the two of us have little knowledge and have never seen LateralX. It is the usual “leg spread” version of Elliptical. After just 10 minutes, the oxygen has been breathed out. It seems to be target cross training.


Swimming Pool

Going out of the Health Club is the outdoor heated swimming pool. The height of the swimming pool is about 1.2 meters, which may be a bit too deep for children, but it is very comfortable for adults to swim, and the length should be about 10 meters.

If you want to see the beauty of the Victoria Harbour, you have to sit on the sun loungers by the pool. Unfortunately, it was on the eve of the typhoon and the wind was a bit strong. It rained from time to time on the day of the visit. Fortunately, I was able to catch a half-hour swim in the water when the rain stopped. After that, I left and couldn’t enjoy it by the pool.

During the pandemic, we have stayed in hotels of different price ranges, and the Hotel Icon price is considered very reasonable. Of course, considering that we upgraded the room this time, the value of this package is even better! Even without the room upgrade, with the facilities and catering standards alone, we still feel that the price is very reasonable. The Market can be regarded as a one the very best 5 star restaurant! In addition, the room decoration is new and clean, and the overall experience is excellent.

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