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Hong Kong Insider:[Hotel] Staycation in Four Seasons, The Harbour Suite

Four Seasons Hotel is one of the best five-star hotels in Hong Kong. If it weren't for the pandemic, how could you live there! From the service, the rooms to the food, the whole experience was very satisfying!

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Four Seasons Hotel is one of the best five-star hotels in Hong Kong. If it weren’t for the pandemic, how could you live there! From the service, the rooms to the food, the whole experience was very satisfying!

December is our happiest month of the year. We used to celebrate The Big’s birthday and our Anniversary. Therefore, we usually have a lot of reasons to travel in December, but this year it has become a fantasy due to the pandemic. Staycation is a good choice for our celebration.

The Room

We originally booked a harbour-view room. The Bread contacted the hotel weeks in advance and said that we were celebrating the anniversary and wishing a birthday. The hotel said that it would arrange room upgrades depending on the hotel room availability. Neither of us had much expectations, so we were really overjoyed when we learned that we upgraded from a habour view room to a high-floor harbour view suite. The room is amazingly huge, at least 800 feet.

The living room and dining room are super large. It is more than enough for six to eight people gathering. With the sea view of Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon, it room is astonishing.

There is a six-foot big bed inside the bedroom. The definition of a high bed with soft pillows is vividly interpreted. This is the only time we do not have a problem with sharing the blanket. It turns out it is because we usually do not live in rooms with huge bed like this! Normal bed is just too small and narrow for the fat boy and girl like us haha…

There is a large workbench near the window on the right. If you still need to work during your stay, like The Bread, this might be the most satisfying working area in your life.

There are two sinks in the bathroom, so there is no problem of getting up in the morning to brush your teeth together with your partner. The only drawback here is that the window next to the bathtub is too small so we cannot enjoy the boundless scenery during the bath.


This package includes breakfast and dinner. Although both meals are not buffet style, we are both very satisfied with the food quality.


Breakfast can be eaten in the Lounge of the lobby, or you can choose to enjoy it in the room service style. There are three types of breakfast to choose from, including Green Continental, American and Asian. Vegetarians can choose Green Continental, which has breads and fruits.

As for American set, it is very rich. There are hash brown, meat (choose Ham, Bacon or Sausage), eggs (choose Omelette, Scrambled or Sunny side-up) and bread (choose Croissant or Danish Toast). The set also comes with fruit juice and coffee or tea

We chose croissants, sunny side eggs, bacon, orange juice and English black tea. Hash brown taste good together with shredded potatoes. The quality of other foods is okay, but the ingredients especially the bacons are high in quality. The only disappointment is the croissant, the upper layer is slightly hollow.

For the Asian set, it contains three types of dim sum, including shrimp dumplings, siu mai and xiaolong bao. In addition, there are fried noodles and porridge of your choice, including chicken, fish porridge, seafood porridge, etc. It is also served with juice and coffee or tea.

Our favourite are the three kinds of dim sum. The shrimp dumplings are fresh, the siu mai is mouth-watering, and the xiaolongbao is slightly thick. The fried noodles are delicious, but the chicken porridge is not hot enough.


Dinner was also served by The Lounge, offering four choices of three-course dinners. We chose Indian and Western menus.

Indian cuisine surprised us the most. The starter was North Indian Creamy Vegetable Soup. In fact, there is not much difference in taste from Western-style cream soup, but the milk flavor is stronger and the vegetables are fresh and sweet. The main course is South Indian chicken curry. The curry has a strong spice, full aroma, and thick texture which is fantastic for dinner. It is spicy and slightly spicy with solid meat. The last is sago soy milk pudding, which is not actually a pudding, it’s just thicker soy milk sago.

The fish is solid and fragrant. I especially like the scallops next to it, which is sweet and thick. But quinoa rice is too healthy, and The Big doesn’t like it. Although the overall quality is good, it is not special. Perhaps the steak will be more special choice.

Two glasses of Prosecco were also given away.

Anniversary Experience

In terms of room decorations, the hotel staff has prepared hydrogen balloons and happy anniversary ornaments. The lettering is particularly attractive against the sea view. However, it was only this time that we learned that hydrogen balloons were so unsustainable. We checked in at noon, and the balloons fell one by one at dusk.

In addition, the hotel gave us a bottle of champagne, Prosecco is The Big’s favourite. It is a great pleasure to taste champagne while looking at the sea view. Two macarons and Lung King Heen’s jasmine green tea and mini custard crisps were also prepared on the countertop. There was a candle holder under the teapot to keep the tea hot. The custard pastry looks ordinary, but it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The custard is full of aroma and worthy of being made by the top Michelin restaurant. The entire dining table is carefully arranged and covered with rose petals.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Since the hotel facilities were closed, we decided to add $188 per set to try some fine wine and cheese that we rarely do during normal days. The cheese is personally selected by the hotel’s Michelin-starred French restaurant Caprice, which is rare in the market, and is personally paired with wine. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with wine and cheese like us. Caprice staff took a short video to explain the key points of the tasting and the source and characteristics of cheese.



Finally, the most remarkable thing is the hotel’s service, from opening the door, the front desk to the room cleaning staff are courteous, kind and attentive. After waiting for a few minutes to check out, the staff repeatedly said sorry. We felt very sorry for her to be so sorry! And she also chatted with us about how good the Wine and Cheese Tasting is. Even the front desk staff have a certain understanding of the dining in their own hotel. This really surprised us!

Our visit coincided with the outbreak of the pandemic. Therefore, facilities suc as the swimming pool and fitness room was closed, but it was not boring in the room. Various board games are available upon request. In addition, the hotel staff specially took a lot of short videos of in-room activities, ranging from sports to children’s hand-knitting activities.

The Evian water, Nespresso capsule, and Jing tea bags in the room are all available in unlimited quantities, and they can be delivered within 10 minutes when you call, which is very impressive.

Finally, we have to highlight that there are six to seven choices of bedding in the room. For example, if you want a pillow with better support, you can call the housekeeping department to replace it.

In this staycation, we received VIP-level treatment and VIP-level rooms. We were very grateful for the dedication of the hotel staffs and they made us spent a very pleasant and unforgettable day.

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