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Hong Kong Food Diary:[Yellow Economy] BakeOut – Homemade Sandwiches

Sai Ying Pun is an area with shops supporting the Yellow Economy, but the queue of BakeOut has never vanished. What’s the secret?

Sai Ying Pun is an area with shops supporting the Yellow Economy, but the queue of BakeOut has never vanished. What’s the secret?


A 2-minute walk from Sai Ying Pun MTR station, there is a little restaurant located conveniently in middle of the the main street. There are around 10 seats. Most customers are mainly for take away orders. The restaurant specialized in different kinds of bakery product. Their bread are hand-made and look similar to hot dogs with softy texture.

Melted Cheese Seven Spices with Spicy Sausage Hotdog

As we mentioned, the bread is hand made with Japanese flour, fresh eggs and milk. Therefore, there is limited supply of bread to order. The bread was spread with butter before baking, then topped with different ingredients.

The melted cheese was fully covering the sausage. As it named with seven spices, The Bread and I were very curious about what the seven spices are, with chili, orange peels, black sesame, white sesame, ginger, seaweed and sansho (the Japanese chili) inclusive. Our taste bud is not that developed so we could only identify chili and sesame. Anyway, the hotdog was full of flavors!

Cannot wait for a bite! The bread is fluffy and made a great contrast with the meaty sausage. The sausage was a classic beef and pork sausage with a lovely caramelized appearance and a little spicy kick from the chili and paprika. The chili flavor builds as you eat but it is really gentle. The sausage has a smooth but firm texture and juicy to eat. The cheese is especially good with a strong profile of savory and blends well with the spices. After all, this is an impressive hotdog but the portion was a bit small to satisfied our appetite.

Padang Curry Beef Sandwich

The Big’s grandmother is an Indonesian Chinese. She is a foodie of Indonesian food which is relatively rare in Hong Kong. Therefore, she was extremely excited when she saw this Padang Curry Beef Sandwich on the menu.

The bread is fluffy with 3 big pieces of beef.

The beef is tender when you eat it alone but it’s a different story when it is the fillings of a sandwich. The little gristly texture need some ‘pulling’ from the bread and the fluffy bread will be compressed during the process. To avoid the situation, the beef needs to be super tender without any bit of grist or it was diced to smaller pieces so you do not need to pull it from the sandwich.

The beef was barbecued with a beautiful flavour of Indonesian herbs but The Big would go for a bolder flavour profile. The sandwich is topped with lettuce and onion but the overall texture complexity was a bit weak.


Mozzarella Cheese Stick

All the sandwich can go for a la carte or with a meal. There is a bundle of choices for snacks so we order both sandwiches with meals. We saw the Mozzarella sticks are recommended in every food review so we got one.

The Big was not a cheese-addict but this surprised her. The thickness of batter was perfect while the Mozzarella cheese is chewy and stringy with a savoury touch.

Japanese Hash Brown

Complimentary with the meal

We both love the hash brown so much. The potato was grounded and presented with a smooth texture and had delightful aroma and natural sweetness. The crunchy thin batter added a kick to the beautiful contrast in a bite. We love the vegetables adding in the mashed potatoes which further highten the sweetness.


Sweet Purple Potato with Coconut Milk

The layered drink is made of mashed sweet purple potato and coconut milk and forms a beautiful colour. The sweet potato is silky and sweet, however, the coconut milk is flavourless. It worsens when the ice was melted. Some of the sweet potatoes are diced which gives a great texture but the size was too large for the straw. The sweet potato could be diced in smaller size.

There are many choices for specialty drinks. To avoid too much calories intake, so we just ordered one drink only. The other drink was jasmine green tea and it was surprisingly good.

BakeOut made great home-made sandwiches.
The great variety of toppings variety, the interesting combination of fillings. We will definitely revisit.




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