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Hong Kong Food Diary:Gontran Cherrier – The Croissants from France


The Bread and the Big thought that the queue was short, but then we found that this was a popular croissant shop with a queue of up to 50 people. We only bought two breads this time, and plan to buy it again. We will keep updating this article. Let’s have a short review for the time being.

Original flavor croissant

Maybe we haven’t tried enough, but this is definitely the best croissant we have ever eaten. First of all, don’t be lazy, you must reheat it in the oven before eating. Since you have paid for it, we hope to enjoy the croissant in the best possible way.

After reheating for 3 minutes, the bursts of butter fragrant are beautiful. With one bite, the outer crust is crispy and the inside is dense as seen from its honeycomb-like texture. Unlike the croissants we tried, it goes back to its original shape after biting. We are not expert in pastry and ingredients, but this Croissant butter is full of aroma but not greasy. The Big can eat the whole croissant by herself haha. (Usually she will share with me).

Danish Cheese Toast

Buying only one croissant was a waste of the time cost as there was a very long queue. Hence, we also bought another Danish toast. Danish toast is quite expensive (the price is $70), but the portion is large enough for sharing and 6 chunks are thickly sliced. We tried 3 reheating methods for Danish toast:

1) Eat at room temperature that day:
If you eat it at room temperature, the butter has a good aroma and no greasy feeling. The inside is dense and elastic, but the crust is not crispy enough while we were eating it.

2) Reheat in the oven:
It’s best to reheat the toast with the oven carefully. The crust is crispy. The inside will be softer than simply eating it at room temperature and the cheese will have a slightly more prominent taste.

3) Microwave reheating:
Reheating by microwave will make the whole piece of toast the softest and cooked. The outer skin is also soft but slightly smoky. The whole piece of toast will also shrink and the greasy feel is heavier. Neither of us like it, so we gave one slice to the Mother of The Big. She liked the taste of toast from microwave reheating very much.

All in all, Danish toast also worth buying. It would be nice if the cheese taste was able to improve a bit.

Gontran Cherrier (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Shop B205-B207, Floor B2, Victoria Dockside K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


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