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Online Shop Food Diary: Endorphins KOEYKOEYT – The Fulfilling Bagels


Traditional bagels do not have fillings but after decades, bagels have many variations. Endorphins is one of them that made bagels with fulfilling and revolutionary fillings.

1. Taiwanese Q Cake (Mid-Autumn Festival Edition)

Taro Paste & Pork Floss

Endorphins is the first online shop that we ordered bagels from. We have not even started our blog yet. At that time, we bought the original edition of the Taiwanese Q Cake Bagel. The fillings include red bean paste, pork floss, salted egg yolk and mochi to imitate the Taiwanese traditional snacks – Q Cake.

The mid-autumn edition of the bagel has a slight twist changing the red bean paste into taro paste and sacrificed the mochi. The dough is dense and chewy but if you love a more chewy texture, you could consider Brickery. The pork floss has a right amount of sweetness. We love the taro paste which has creamy texture. The shop also provides an additional box of taro paste. The only flaw is the the aroma of taro paste is a bit weak.


2. The Cheesy Septet

The Cheesy Septet is my favourite in Endorphins. A variety of herbs and Parmesen cheese powder were kneaded into the dough. The fillings are consisted of 4 different types of shredded cheese and diced Cheddar. Another 3 types of shredded cheese was sprinkled on the surface of the bagel. In total, 7 types of cheese was used and thus the bagel was named as “Cheesy Septet”.

Of course, The Big cannot identify the types of cheese in the fillings. The strong hint of herbs make it high on flavor without being overwhelming and counterweight the greasy-ness of cheese. If you reheat it correctly, the cheese fillings will be lava-like. So impressive!

3. Cheesy Bagel with Spicy Pork Floss

If you are a fan of savory bagels, this would hit your heart. The spicy kick enlightened the cheese and make the whole bagel very appetizing. There is a beautiful sprinkle of rosemary in the dough. Unlike other shops, the pork floss remains moist!


4. Earl Grey Bagel with Chocolate and Orange

We tried this flavor for the first time. We anticipated it very overwhelming as the 3 ingredients, earl grey, chocolate and orange, are very prominent in taste. It will be a challenge to embrace all 3 flavors with a nice balance. The dough was blended with Sri Lanka Earl Grey tea leaves pairing with melted chocolate and candied orange peel. The bagel encapsulates the essence of the three unique aromatic ingredients with a nice balance.

5. Wheat Germ Bagel with Peanut Butter

This is the only flavor that we would not consider reordering. The peanut butter is very natural without artificial flavors while retaining some grounded peanut chips. However, the peanut butter is way too dry and very sticky. The dough of the bagel has a good chew and we love the texture given by the whole wheat germ. We reheated the bagel with oven this time. If you would like to have a moist texture, you may try to reheat with steaming method.

We tried few local and Taiwan bagel shops, Endorphins’ bagels are stuffing with largest portion of fillings with revolutionary flavors. It worth a trial.

Here is the Instagram account link! Try if you are interested in their bagels.

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