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Hong Kong Food Diary: Easy Joe Fusion Cuisine – The Best Iced Chocolate

Tai Kok Tsui is the foodies' paradise. Another restaurant supports the Yellow Economy. Let's try 'Easy Joe'

Tai Kok Tsui is the foodies’ paradise. Another restaurant supports the Yellow Economy. Let’s try!


A 10-minute walk from the Mong Kok MTR station. Although it is not a convenient place, the restaurant is popular. It opens at 12:00 noon. The restaurant is 70% full when we arrived at around 12:05. Easy Joe does not take reservation at lunch hours, so remember to arrive on time if you do not like queuing. If you would like to make a reservation, then you may opt coming at dinner hours.

(Photo from Easy Joe’s Facebook Page)

Easy Joe Signature Iced Chocolate

Signature” is a magical word. You would order a dish when it adds ‘signature’ in the name of the dish. So we ordered the iced chocolate. According to the restaurant reviews, most food bloggers were impressed by it. The ice chocolate was served in a glass bottle directly refrigerated before serving so that the rich chocolate would not be diluted by melted ice.

You can tell the richness of the chocolate when you pour it into the small glass cup. The texture is somewhere in between chocolate milk and chocolate milkshake. If you would like to pour all iced chocolate into the small cup, you will need to hold it for a minute.

The signature iced chocolate is using 72.5% cocoa. The iced chocolate is strong in chocolate flavour, creamy and frothy. The full-bodied creaminess is almost milkshake-like. While taste of milk is basically covered by strong chocolate flavour. The iced chocolate was added with 4.3 milk which is a high-fat version of milk. It does contribute to the creaminess and frothiness.

Eel Omurice

You may not feel the shock we did when you see this photo. When it comes real, you will definitely stunned by the length of that eel. The plate nearly failed to hold the 30-cm long eel. Luckily the omurice built a little hill to accommodate the eel.

Not stunned by the previous photo? Look at this!

Other than 30-cm long eel, there were also a handful of Katsuobushi and a big portion of scrambled egg. Under the eggs, there was a generous portion of Japanese pearl rice with the mouth-watering teriyaki sauce from the grilled eel.

The eel not only has an incredible length, but also a considerable thickness. The eel is tender and firm. Some restaurants will make the eel too soft and become very ‘loose’ but Easy Joe did not make this mistake for sure. The eel is boneless. You won’t find a tiny small bone either so enjoy the savor with a big mouthful spoon. The scrambled egg is in a generous portion with at least 3 eggs. After adding cream and milk, the eggs are creamy and incredible. The teriyaki sauce, the semi-easy eggs, chewy pearl rice and tasty eel make a perfect combination.

The only suggestion is that the portion of Katsuobushi is too much. Katsuobushi is quite dry in nature. When you add a sprinkle it can gives an ‘umami’ taste. However, the dry texture will ruin the dish if you put too much of it especially ruining the creamy texture of this omurice.

A friendly reminder: the dish is large in portion and the scrambled egg is added with quite an amount of whole cream. You may find it a bit greasy. After eating this dish, we are both 70% full.


Yuzu Soy Sauce Spaghetti with Tiger Prawn with Salted Caramel Walnut (cold serve)

As expected, omurice will be a bit too greasy so we decided to order another dish with a fresh taste. The dish was included in the lunch menu that will update every month.

And most importantly, you can order all drinks at 50% price. What a good deal!

The pasta was presented creatively. Usually, pasta was served hot. Easy Joe make a twist to pasta and try to replicate the Chinese cold noodles by replacing it with pasta. It did taste good. When serving cold, the al dente pasta was even more pleasantly chewy. The sauce was made of Yuzu Soy Sauce. You would first have a sweet and savory taste with a Yuzu fruity after-taste. However, the sauce was too watery that it doesn’t cling to the pasta.

The tiger prawn are fresh. The salted caramel walnuts are the most impressive giving the dish a final touch of nutty flavour.

It may not be a signature dish but it’s a good match to refresh your taste bud after the omurice.

The dishes in Main Menu of Easy Joe is a bit pricey, but it worth the money.
The price range of lunch sets is around $70 – $100.
If you are coming during lunch hours, we recommend you to order a lunch set so you can get a 50% off for all drinks.
Remember to try their signature iced chocolate.
Ordered the omurice or other main courses from the main menu to satisfy your appetite.

The receipt is attached for reference.

B01 is the lunch set – cold pasta with tiger prawn and salted caramel.
F09 is the omurice.
J11 is the discounted price of iced chocolate.
No service charge and cash only!

We have many more dishes that wish to try including this deep-fried crumbles beef fillet, soft-shell crab burger, chocolate molten lava cake, signature waffles……

I guess we need to come over for a few times more.


G/F, 18 Fuk Tsun Road, Tai Kok Tsui
(A 7-min walk from Mong Kok MTR station Exit A2)


Business Hours
Tue – Sun:
12:00 – 15:30
18:00 – 22:00
Monday:Rest day


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