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The Nordic 18 Days:[Denmark] Day 1 Copenhagen City Tour – Northern Europe Trip

Omg! We cannot believe that we finally arrive Northern Europe. It was one of our most anticipated travel trip.

Omg! We cannot believe that we finally arrive Northern Europe. It was one of our most anticipated travel trip.

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Airport, Hotel & Copenhagen Card

The airport station in Copenhagen consists of 3 terminals. The first terminal is for dmoestic line. The second and third terminal is for International line. Free shuttle bus are available for transfer between different arrival halls. Since we were coming from Helsinki Finland to Copenhagen and the Northern Europe countries have a very close relationship, we arrived at terminal 1.

Copenhagen Card

Before going to hotel, we went to buy Copenhagen hotel. This small card (as shown below) covers free transportation in Copenhagen including train, metro and bus) and also free entry to some of the major attractions and museum in Copenhagen.

If you want to enquire what attraction spot is included in the cophenhagen card or calculate the fee, you can visit the official website. You can purchase the electronic version or the actual ticket version via online or convenient stores.

From Airport to Hotel

The Big and Bread are both very free travellers. We did not have a detail plan for our transportation. To us, the easiest way to travel has always been travelling with train and following google maps to our first hotel of the trip.

We took the M2 line train from the airport station (Lufthavnen) to the Nørreport station. Then, we can take either A, B or C line to Dybbøsbro station.


We chose the “Copenhagen Island Hotel” for this trip as it is located at a convenient place near the harbour at a reasonable price. There is also a bicycle bridge nearby where you can see a lot of Danish going to work in the morning.

There is also a shopping mall with supermarket and bakery. We bought two cinnamon rolls. That’s our first time eating in North Europe. Super awesome!

Hotel Information:
Price:$1,100 HKD for one night(no breakfast included)
Address:Kalvebod Brygge 53, Copenhagen, 1560
Phone number:+4533389600

First Stop:Nyhavn Port

Nyhavn is the landmark fo Copenhagen. It is also The Big’s travel wish list. She is always attracted to colorful cabin. We used our Copenhagen card to take bus to Nyhavn. There were many crowds in this iconic tourism spot. We were super tired and then we decided to have a burger at this amazing spot. We believed the it was a bit expensive as it was not particularly tasty. The living cost in Northern Europe is quite high.

This is the most iconic area of Denmark – one of the best jn the world.

Nyhavn started from Kongens Nytrov and it was built during the 17th century. Sea water will be directed into the canal. The King Christian V ordered the construction of artificial canal and let merchants to build rows of colourful houses both sides of the navy.

The bottom floor of the house is full of restaurants, cafes, bars, etc., allowing people to sit in an open-air cafe to enjoy the scenery on both sides of the strait. There are sightseeing boats on the canal to take tourists for a city tour of Copenhagen.

There absolutely too many people in the area. It was impossible to take pictures so we decided to take pictures tomorrow instead. (The Bread OS:
Her dedication to photos is truly extraordinary)

2nd Stop:The Little Mermaid

It is only a 20 mins walk from the Nyhavn to the little mermaid. We already felt the leisurely atmosphere of Copenhagen. The little mermaid is the most suitable for a half-day trip together with Nyhavn.

This statue of the Little Mermaid was created by the Danish sculptor Edvard Eriksen based on Andersen’s fairy tales and became a symbol of Copenhagen. It is rumored that the Little Mermaid was modeled after the Danish chief ballet dancer Ellen Price at the time, but because she refused to be nude, the mermaid’s body was actually based on Edvard Eriksen’s wife. Wow! Who would have thought Photoshop concept was created 100 years ago. The Little Mermaid has been repeatedly damaged, with its head and arms beheaded. It was painted Free Hong Kong, and in July this year it was painted “Racist Fish”. Fortunately, this little mermaid is just an imitation, the original collection has not been made public.

When we arrived at the statue of the Little Mermaid, the scene was really funny. Dozens of people gathered around the sculpture, shooting the small statue from various angles, and then the Little Mermaid sat on the stone helplessly as a model.

Third Stop:Kastellet

The statue of the Little Mermaid is actually on the seaside of Kastellet Park. Many people leave directly after watching it. However, the park occupies a large area and is a fortress in Denmark. A bird’s eye view will reveal its five-pointed star structure, which is five forts: Kongens Bastion, Dronningens Bastion, Grevens Bastion, Prinsessens Bastion and Prinsens Bastion.

In 1626, King Christian IV ordered the construction of Kastellet as a defensive wall north of Copenhagen.


There are also churches and mills in the park, as well as beautiful grasslands and orange-red buildings. It coincides with our arrival in April, and there are even cherry blossoms. If you are interested, please read the extended reading.

4th Stop:Torvehallerne Market

If you read European life blogs or Instagram, you will always find that their afternoon must do activities are to go to a market or restaurant to sit outside, basking in the sun, chatting with family and friends, eating food and drinking wine. Torvehallerne Market is composed of two modern buildings with more than 60 stalls, focusing on freshness.

One of the building focuses on bakery, coffee shop and delicatessen, and the other one is building of seafood, meat vendor, sandwich shop, etc. The liquor store is of course indispensable, and you can find it on both sides. There is also an open-air market in the middle, where stalls sell fresh food such as fruits, vegetables and flowers.

We found that foreign markets are really big and clean, even if they are decorated in simple, bright and classy, in butcher shops and seafood shops, there would still be no smell. We first went to the area selling drinks with bakery shops besides. We drank a glass of VitaBoost. This was our favourite drink during the whole trip to Northern Europe. There are so many choices, and they are all smoothies made with fresh fruits. It is recommended to order berry juice. Berries are the most abundant fruit in the Nordic region. It costs ten dollars to buy a pack of frozen Nordic berries in Hong Kong, but you can eat the freshest varieties of novel berries here.

After that, we walked to another building and went to eat seafood and open sandwiches Smørrebrød, which used to be eaten by Danish workers for their meals. Traditionally, wheat buns are used as the base, then it is spread with sauce and simple ingredients that are used for lunch. But the current Smørrebrød has been upgraded to become one of food Bloggers favourite dish, using fresh and colorful ingredients to create beautiful food photos.

Our another highly recommended choices are seafood cold dishes. Crayfish, salmon, etc. are all expensive ingredients in Hong Kong, but the price of ordinary meat in Denmark is almost the same. But the only thing we have to say is that it is not easy to find some hot food in the Nordic winter, I really want to eat cup noodles.

Our first day’s of our itinerary ends here. Our itinerary is a relax version. Since it was the first day after getting off the plane and flying from Hong Kong to Denmark is a long flight, so we went to the hotel to rest early. If you prefer a more tight schedule, there would still a another version of itinerary coming out soon. Stay tune for the Day 2 blog!


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