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Hong Kong Insider:[Hotel] Conrad Hotel Staycation – The Best Upgrade Ever – King Executive Peak Suite

That's right. Staycation has become our main traveling during pandemic. And this time, we would be visiting the famous 5 star Conrad Hotel who gave us the best upgrade so far!!!

That’s right. Staycation has become our main traveling during pandemic. And this time, we would be visiting the famous 5 star Conrad Hotel who gave us the best upgrade so far!!!

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旅在香港:[酒店] Conrad 港麗酒店Staycation – 史上最狂Upgrade至King Executive Peak Suite



We have originally planed to celebrate our 6 and half anniversary in Conrad. We have originally booked the package with city view room plus breakfast and dinner buffet. The package costed us around $2200 HKD. (Just a friendly reminder: to look carefully into package options and details)

Since we booked in rush, we did not expected any upgrade this time. However, the management was able to arrange an upgrade to corner suite with early check in and late check out. We have been living in the hotel for 29 hours in total.


The Room

There are a total of 5 room types in Conrad Hotel, with either mountain or harbour view. The room is around 10 sqm (750 sqf). The living room has an open scenery. Since we are living in a corner suite this time, we were able to enjoy both harbour and mountain view across the Victoria Peak.

The decoration is a combination of Chinese and Western design, mainly Western gorgeous design, and then embellished with Chinese elements. We were a little worried that the decoration of the Conrad Hotel would be dilapidated, but fortunately, the rooms are well maintained. Except for the design of the bathroom, which is a little too general, it is still neat and gorgeous as a whole.

After entering the door, go straight to find the living room, workbench and guest toilet, turn left and you will see the bedroom and washroom. The living room is very a spacious.

The king size bed is really big and the quilt is wide enough to avoid the situation of us fighting for the quilt. My favourite part is that the bed faces towards the mountain. When we wake up together, we can see the green mountain view and start the morning with a good mood. What The Bread likes most is the large TV in the room. Watching the 70-inch TV with the mountain view on the left is very refreshing.

The Mini bar in the room has coffee capsules and Tea WG tea bags. There is no large amount of charged food in the room, which is neat and simple. In addition, there is a large fruit plate and small cakes for anniversary celebrations, as well as chocolate, macarons, etc., plus the package includes a buffet dinner and breakfast, in fact, we cannot consume so much food haha. Note that coffee capsules cannot be refilled.

The small snacks in the room, the chocolate is delicious.


I usually open a separate the topic for the washroom, because the design of the room can be imitated, but the washroom in the home is definitely not comparable to the hotel. No one will allocate the 200-foot space at home to the their restroom.

There is a guest toilet outside the living room with only toilet and sink. The bathing area in the suite is separated from dry and wet area. There are two wash basins that can be used by two people at the same time. If you take a bath, there is a shower area and a bathtub.

The design of the toilet is a bit old-fashioned five-star hotel design, even the packaging design of bath products is also a bit old, the hotel may want to consider changing the packaging.


Anniversary Gifts

Since it was our Anniversary, the hotel arranged a special long stay, check-in 12 o’clock early, and the room was arranged when we arrived at 11:45. Originally arranged a check-out at 2 o’clock. Later, the duty manager at the front desk asked us if we had any other plans. If we want to stay in the hotel and enjoy the facilities, we can arrange the check-out time until 5 pm. At last, our stay is more than 29 hours!

In terms of food, there is a pot of jasmine tea, a white wine, a plate of six macarons, a Tiramisu cake and a large fruit basket. Macarons are delicious, we are rushing to eat!

When we went to have a buffet dinner, the housekeeper arranged two bears and rose petals in the room, and dimmed the lights, which was very romantic.


Room View

We stayed in room 15 with the corner windows facing the Mid-Levels in the Central and Western District. It was green. Looking out from the bedroom, the houses were scattered and there was an extraordinary mountain view.


The corner is located in front of the buildings in Admiralty and Wan Chai, and the beautiful scenery is set against the backdrop of the mountain view. The photo was taken in the afternoon, with the warmth of the sun.

Lying on the sofa and looking out, you can also see a little harbour view and the ICC on the Kowloon side.


Restaurant and Food


In addition, in the Klook package, the buffet dinner can be eaten outdoors or indoors. There is an additional $100 per person for dining indoors. We originally planned to save money and wanted to take pictures outdoors. Since there was typhoon and rain the day before, the staff kindly helped us to arrange for free indoor seating.

Dinner is at Garden Cafe. There are not many dishes, but the seafood is generous with lobster and very fresh. There are also mussels, clams and snails, but if you love oysters, you will be disappointed. There are also raw fish sashimi, The Bread said it is fresh and tender. The hot plate has a mixed taste and can’t be recorded completely, but remember not to take the roast beef, it is too dry.

The most popular dessert is the caramel stewed egg. The caramel is crispy and the egg is tender. The ice cream is a haagen daz cup ice cream with only 2-3 flavors. The melon flavor is unexpectedly attractive. The whole buffet is most attracted by lobsters. The buffet in the package is cost-effective, but it is not recommended if you pay yourself.



Breakfast was also served at Garden Cafe. This time we chose an outdoor space that was not available for dinner. We have to carry our food a little further away and push the door. If you sit outside, remember not to be too greedy every time you take food. Having said that, eating breakfast outdoors is very chill

Chinese and Western cuisines are not countless, but they have everything, such as eggs, intestines, salad, cheese, granola, etc. The Chinese-style piglet lotus paste buns are also delicious, and there are rare Japanese dishes. The steamed tea bowls are great.


Hotel facilities

Like other hotels, staying in the Suite can also enjoy the executive lounge experience at the same time, but because we are only upgrading the room, we did not experience the executive lounge.

Gym Room

Gym room facilities are located on the lower level of Garden Cafe. The area is small, but there are 5 treadmills and basic weight training, but there are not many choices.


Swimming Pool


Although it is beginning of Autumn, the swimming pool is definitely one of the focal points of staycation. The view of the swimming pool is mainly the view of the building of Admiralty, and it is amazing to swim in the surrounding of the building.

A reservation system is adopted in the swimming pool. Visitors need to make an appointment at the reception desk outside the gym room. Each room can reserve a one-hour swimming time per day. We checked in on weekdays. Because the appointment was not full, the staff made an exception to let us stay one more hour. We had two hours time to take pictures next to the swimming pool. Thank you so much!

The lighting effect of the swimming pool after nightfall is fantastic. It is worth highlighting that the water temperature is too low. In addition, the length of the swimming pool is sufficient. If you are a serious swimmer, you will definitely be satisfied, but you should pay attention to the deepest part of the swimming pool up to 1.5 meters. The Big said she will be submerged. Parents with children should pay attention to it.

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