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The Nordic 18 Days: [Food] 5 Must-eat Delicacies and Dark dishes in Northern Europe

As an Asian, if we want to choose between Nordic cuisine and Chinese cuisine, we will definitely choose the latter. However, there are still a few dishes that are must try in Nordic countries!

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旅在香港:[酒店] Hotel Icon 唯港薈 Club 65 套房Staycation體驗

在疫情期間住過大大小小不同價位的酒店,Hotel Icon訂價算是非常親民,當然考慮到這次我們upgrade了房間,性價比自然是大大提高了。雖則如此,即便單憑設施以及餐飲水準我倆還是覺得非常價錢實惠,The Market可算是五五五星級的餐廳呢!此外,房間裝潢很新淨整潔,整體體驗很不錯。